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Eat Yourself Sexy | Figs

With their leaves covering Adam and Eve’s modesty, we have to ask – Is the fig the true forbidden fruit?


Used throughout historic literature and legend to symbolise the female sex and fertility due to its bulbous and often bursting appearance (similar to the female organ), the juicy and ripe fig has often been thought of as a powerful aphrodisiac.

In various poems and works of literature the fig is said to be erotic due to the visuals it provides when being bitten into. It is less about what the fruit will do to your libido and more about the act of eating the fig itself that is erotic.

Figs were the favourite fruit of Cleopatra who is used as an ancient and famous symbol of sexuality and beauty.


The fig itself, when ripe, is sweet, juicy and fragrant. Everything a kinky fruit should be!

In terms of nutrients, figs are crammed full of antioxidants, potassium and fibre all of which promote healthy sexual organs and libido.

Try them quartered in a simply salad with spicy fresh rocket, creamy mozzarella and salty parma ham all drizzled with thick and rich balsamic vinegar.


Or for an even simpler recipe, lavish them in honey and feed them to your partner by hand, enjoying the sweet and natural power that this erotic fruit can provide.

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