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Eat Yourself Sexy | Fennel

With its strong aniseed flavour, Fennel is either something you love or you hate. But if you do like that liquorice taste then it would be worth your while to add a little extra Fennel into your diet.


Since Ancient Roman times Fennel has been used as a medical plant to soothe digestive trouble and to ease coughs and colds. But more than that, this humble plant is an effective hormone balancer as well.


The oestrogenic qualities of Fennel can help to bring hormonal balance to women of all ages and can also help to relieve bloating and water retention. Meaning that after a helping of this super food, you’ll not only be doing your body a favour, but you’ll also feel more comfortable and likely more attractive. Which is just what you want if you’re getting ready for a date night.


Fennel comes in three forms; Fennel seeds and Fennel bulb and Fennel leaves, all of them taste similar and can all be used in a wide variety of ways.


Easy ways to eat the bulb that still ensure all the nutrients are there for the taking include adding a thinly sliced fennel bulb to a salad, into a soup or even simply roasting a halved or quartered bulb in olive oil and enjoy eating them with fingers.


The seeds are ideal for seasoning any meal or dish, but a slightly unique way of enjoying them is to steep them in hot water and enjoy as a tea. Add a dollop of honey for a touch of sweetness.


This makes for a quick, warm and delicious way to boost your confidence and bodily comfort when you need it most.

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