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Eat Yourself Sexy | Chillies

It’s all well and good planning a meal with an aphrodisiac ingredient, but not a lot of us can afford to be eating fresh oysters and figs every night. So here is the solution! Eating yourself sexy on a budget.


It’s good to remember that not all foods that are hailed as aphrodisiacs are rare and exotic. Bananas for example are readily available! But variety is the spice of life… Talking about spices, did you know that hot chillies are an aphrodisiac?


Chillies come in all shapes and sizes and can be measured on a heat scale, so if you’re not keen on a fiery meal then you can opt for a milder taste and still benefit from their sensual powers! More importantly they are available in all grocers and supermarkets, and if you buy them dry and in bulk then they will last you for months.


The Chile pepper has dozens of sexy attributes to boast about. They have the ability to release endorphins, which help to soothe any pain in the body and deliver a shot of happiness that can boarder on euphoric. Sounds good right? Well it doesn’t end there.

Chile peppers will also increase your heart rate which will then cause a rise in body temperature, mimicking the feel of arousal. So no wonder they have been used in so many cultures throughout history to promote sexual health and libido.


It was famously consumed by the Aztec ruler King Montezuma who would drink chocolate (coincidently another famous aphrodisiac) that had been infused with Chile peppers before visiting his concubines.


Better yet, it couldn’t be easier to add chillies to your diet. Add a diced pod or two to a tomato based pasta sauce, sprinkle some dried flakes over a pizza, serve hot sauce with your Mac ‘n’ Cheese, cook up a spicy curry or even do as Montezuma did and infused them into your hot chocolate.


To do this simply pore a cup or two of milk into a pan and add a roughly diced Chile Pepper in with it. Bring this mixture up to a simmer and let sit for a few minutes. In another pan put some chopped chocolate of your choosing, I recommend a dark chocolate, and pour the warm milk through a sieve and over the chocolate to catch all the Chile pieces. Then bring the mixture up to a low simmer again and stir until all the chocolate is melted and smooth.

Add sugar to taste and enjoy!

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