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Do The Washing Up!

When it comes to doing the washing up, more than a few of us are guilty of letting it pile up. Kitchen sinks across the world are currently being ignored whilst the festering saucepans, lasagna dishes and coffee mugs slowly become unrecognisable in their grime. And really, who cares!? It’ll get done at some point and when it does, the plates and pans will be salvaged to nearly as good as new.


The same cannot be said for sex toys.

It goes without saying that anything you use on your body should be clean, but with sex toys, the kinds of bacteria that can be present during their use is not the kind that you will want building up. So for heaven sake people, do your washing up!


Cleaning your sex toys is not only easy, but it will ensure your health and comfort and it will keep your toys in tip top condition so they last a lot longer.

With electrical toys you should always read the packaging or visit the manufacturer’s website before immersing them in water and always make sure you have them fully turned off without any exposed wires touching the water.


With most other toys, a short bath in warm soapy water and a spray or two of toy cleaner to finish it off will be more than enough to kill any bacteria and have your toys feeling fresh. With some soft and plush materials you can add another stage to your cleaning care with a powder rub that will keep the toy feeling ultra smooth and in top condition.

That’s all it takes to have your favourite toys feeling good! And let’s face it, they deserve some tender loving care after all they do to make you feel good.

For some more detailed tips and tricks to keeping your toys clean, take a look at our comprehensive ‘How Do I Clean My Sex Toy’ article.

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