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Cure Premature Ejaculation

It’s frustrating, embarrassing and no-one really likes to talk about it but Premature Ejaculation affects most men at least once in their lives and many put up with early ejaculation on a much more regular basis. There’s no need to suffer in silence though as there are tons of things you can do to help cure premature ejaculation.

What You Can Do:

Slow down. It’s obvious that premature ejaculation can be caused by excessive arousal but it can also be triggered by anxiety or muscular tension. As simple as it sounds, taking a minute to breathe deeply and calm down before you begin sexual activity can help to eliminate some of the worry associated with performance and help you last for longer. Instead of going straight in for the kill during your lovemaking sessions, give each other sensual massages beforehand and let yourself relax and get used to being touched all over. If you feel the urge to orgasm, ask them to stop and wait until the feeling has passed. This ‘start-stop’ method of dealing with overstimulation can be hugely effective and can be applied to intercourse, masturbation and any other activities where premature ejaculation is a problem.  By not allowing yourself to orgasm and stopping all stimulation until the desire to come has passed you strengthen your pelvic muscles and develop a greater awareness of your own arousal and how you can control it.

Talk to your partner. Nervousness about pleasuring your partner or coming before they get a chance to orgasm is probably the number one worry for men experiencing early ejaculation but talking your concerns through with your lover could be the first step on the road to longer lasting, more satisfying sex for both of you- who wouldn’t want that?! Discussing your anxiety may not seem like a simple solution for some men, but you may be surprised by how much effect talking honestly about your issues could have on your performance. Besides, once your partner knows that it’s been concerning you they can get involved with all sorts of exercises and techniques to help you last longer!

Practice makes perfect. You can apply the Start-Stop method to all aspects of your sex life, so begin with regular masturbation. When you feel the need to come, stop, wait for the urge to pass, then carry on. Once you’ve reached a point where there’s no stopping your orgasm, allow yourself to ejaculate as normal- this method isn’t designed to be torture! Think of it like a training schedule; start off with regular masturbation, then masturbation with lube, masturbation with porn, a hand job from your partner…leading eventually to intercourse. You get the idea. The key to the Start Stop method is to take things slow, don’t get disheartened if you don’t see results immediately and practice, practice, practice.

Products That Can Help:

There are loads of products available on the market that can help to cure premature ejaculation temporarily and can be effective in the long-term when combined with the ‘DIY’ methods above. At Bondara, we stock a range of ejaculation delay creams and delay sprays to help prolong performance and reduce the chance of early ejaculation.

China Brush Delay Solution is an effective herbal remedy used by men in Asia for many years to dampen penile overstimulation, enhance erections and delay the time before orgasm for longer and more satisfying sex for both partners. Only a tiny amount of the solution is required to temporarily cure early ejaculation and help men to perform for longer.

It’s been around since the 1980’s, the Stud Delay Premjact Spray uses a mild local anaesthetic to reduce the sensitivity of a man’s cock and reduce the chance of premature ejaculation. Discreetly packaged in a small bottle with a pump spray mechanism that allows the exact measure necessary to be dispensed every time, Stud Spray is odourless, tasteless and also is a slight skin lubricant.

Double strength Stud D-Lay Cream is a fast acting cream that can be applied just 10 minutes before foreplay or intercourse that not only helps to reduce the chance of premature ejaculation but can increase the strength of your orgasm when you do come.

Finally, the PJUR Superhero range not only acts as an early ejaculation remedy but is a body, toy and condom safe lubricant that provides you with long lasting intimate pleasure and the confidence to perform for longer. Its active ingredients work with your body to delay ejaculation as the lubricant works to provide heightened sensitivity for your partner.

Premature ejaculation needn’t dominate your sex life; with practice, time and some added help from the range of sprays and creams available from Bondara you could be on your way to longer lasting, more satisfying sex and an end to early ejaculation.

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