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Condoms Are Not The Enemy!

We’ve always suspected it, but it’s finally been confirmed! Condoms are not the cause of your willy woes.

colored-condoms-1024x6791Ever since men have been using condoms, there have also been men claiming that rubbers are the reason for their erection issues. But a recent study of nearly 500 straight men between the ages of 18 to 24 has found that those who blame condoms for their limp biscuits are just as likely to experience problems without a condom on.

The group were quizzed about the general performance of their erections. 38% of the group claimed they had no problems getting it up when wearing a condom. 14% reported the occasional failure to launch when rolling on a rubber at the start of the night, 16% had prophylactic problems during the middle of sex and 32% of the group felt they had issues at both times.

However it transpires that these issues remained similar when there wasn’t a condom in the mix.


It is a common theme in condom use that guys lose significant sensation and pleasure when wearing one, so it is surprising that we now have evidence that these issues may stem far beyond those humble latex sleeves.

While condoms are an easy excuse for when these things happen, this study will hopefully encourage some new research to help men keep their soldiers erect. It has been mentioned in various articles that males who report condom problems are often uneducated in how to use one correctly.


Which makes sense if you consider it; in the heat of the moment, if you’re not confident about what you’re doing when rolling a rubber on, the pressure of getting it right could cause a slight dip in momentum.

Condoms are, and have been the safest form of contraception against pregnancy, infections and diseases for decades. So these findings could be extremely beneficial to general sexual health.


Without the go-to excuse that a condom is at fault, we can look further into helping men avoid their tendencies to flop and prevent couples not using condoms for these reasons and then suffering the consequences.

We, of course, have a handy educational video for you here!

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