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Bondara Breast Enlargement Guide

At one point or another most women wish they could fundamentally change something about their figure. For many of us, the shape and size of our breasts are cause for concern; whether they’re uneven sizes or we wish we could fill out a dress a bit better and feel even more feminine.

So what can we ladies do about it? Surgery is a drastic and expensive option for permanent breast enlargement that doesn’t always produce uniform results and won’t necessarily cure any associated self esteem issues you may have. If you’d like to try something non-invasive and safe in the comfort of your own home then we’ve got a range of pumps, creams and pills available at Bondara for you to try plus some breast enlargement techniques to add to your daily exercise routine.


Breast Enlargement pumps work by increasing the blood flow to your boobs, resulting in fuller, firmer breasts. These pumps are either one or two plastic cups that fit snugly over your breast/s and are attached to a hand pump which when squeezed create a vacuum in the cup that gently pulls and manipulates your breast and promotes a greater blood flow. Used for no more than 15 minutes at a time twice a day, this added blood flow stimulates tissue growth and natural collagen production and can naturally and painlessly enhance your breasts.


Applied directly to the surface of your breasts, the natural ingredients within these creams stimulate breast growth by increasing elasticity and cell production and the rubbing motion of application also helps to increase blood flow which boosts your boobs too! These creams are also great moisturisers so your skin will look smooth and feel softer than ever.


Breast Enhancement pills contain a range of natural ingredients designed to promote and maintain the optimum hormone level necessary for slow and steady breast growth. The herbal pills work by increasing the body’s natural oestrogen (female hormone) levels and ‘tricking’ your body into increasing the volume of breast tissue. These pills are non-medicinal but as with all pills if you’re taking other medication then you should always consult a doctor before purchasing and taking Breast Enhancement Pills.

The various pumps, pills and creams available on the market do achieve impressive results but they will just change the physical appearance of your breasts; not necessarily alleviating any body confidence issues you may have.

Exercise is a great way to boost your chest muscles and make you feel happier with your body. With just a few simple moves repeated daily you can help to further enhance your breasts and add to the effect of the enhancement products.


Try the Ultimate Dual Breast Enlargement Pump or Breast Enlargement Pills and MyDanna Plus Breast Enlargement Cream in addition to exercise for the best results.


Your breasts, whatever size they are, sit on top of your pectoral muscles. Now you might think that pec exercises are strictly for the guys but the more you tone and sculpt these muscles, the higher and firmer your breasts will look. The tighter these muscles, the more your posture will improve and the larger your breasts will appear as you hold your chest higher. Granted, your cup size might not increase dramatically but the confidence boost you’ll get from standing up straighter will certainly draw attention to your chest!

Here are some simple exercises to get you started:

Chair dips: Using a sturdy chair, place your hands on the edge of the seat and lower yourself down towards the ground (as far as is comfortable), then back up again.

Push-ups: We all know how to do these! If you can’t manage a full press up with your legs straight behind you then kneel down, cross your feet and perform the push up as normal. This will take some of the weight off your arms. You can do an Inverted Push Up against a wall too. Just lean against a wall with your legs spread and a few feet away from the wall so you use your arms and chest to push your top half away from the wall into a proper standing position.

Weights: Try bench pressing weights at your local gym or use a couple of dumbbells. Lie on your back and with the weights held to your chest; push them up and away until your arms are straight. Don’t go too fast and don’t attempt weights that are too heavy for you.

With all these exercises, repetition is key. Don’t try and do hundreds of dips or push-ups in one go; do sets of 10 or 15 where you take 30 seconds to rest in between and KEEP GOING! Try and build some of these exercises into your daily schedule so they become a natural part of your routine. The longer you do these for, the more likely you are to see a difference.

Used in conjunction with regular exercise and concentrated (but gentle!) stimulation of the breast tissue you can achieve fuller, firmer breasts without the need for surgery. None of these remedies or techniques work miracles; you won’t go from an A cup to a DD overnight but the repeated use of the exercise techniques combined with some of the products above will help you to feel more confident with your bust.


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