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Blindfold Masks For Sleep And Sex

Silk Blindfold Mask - Red

There are many uses for blindfolds and bondage masks. You may enjoy sensory deprivation. Sensation play is enhanced when you can’t see what you’re partner is doing. Blindfolds are also good for getting a good night’s sleep. They cut out the light like nobody’s business. Everyone should have one bondage mask and one blindfold in their sex toys collection.

Bondage masks and blindfolds are essential types of bondage gear. The heady feeling you get from having your sight extinguished improved your sexual experience. When you don’t know what’s coming, the excitement will have you beside yourself.

A fine blindfold is this lovely red silk blindfold mask. This inexpensive silk mask is perfect for kinky games in the bedroom or use it as a sleeping mask. The silk material is very soft and feels like whispers on your face and eyes. The mask cuts out light effectively, allowing you to enjoy sex play blind or sleep your night away. This mask is padded for your comfort. It includes an elastic band at the back to fit it around your head. It’s also one size fits all and it’s unisex. That sexy red colour will put some spice into your bedroom games, too. So pick up a blindfold mask today and enjoy a good night’s sleep or some heavy duty sex play.

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