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8 Ideas For Date Night

1 – A romantic home cooked meal is the classic date night activity, and it’s full of flirtatious potential.


A bit of footsie under the table, a slow lick of a spoon, kiss away that spec of chocolate from your partner’s lip… You know the rest; this isn’t your first rodeo. You can also cram a selection of tantalising aphrodisiacs into your menu!

2 – Picnics are ideal all year round if you’re creative enough!


In the summer months you can go out and watch the sunset together, and in the winter time lay out the blanket in front of an open fire and crack open a bottle of wine and a box of chocolate dipped strawberries. Classics are classics for a reason people!

3 – Take a class together!


Did you ever see the part of Sex and the City when Samantha took a sushi class and covered herself in California rolls ready for when her man came home? You know where I’m going with this.

4 – Go out for drinks with a kinky secret between your thighs.


There is a time and a place for crotchless panties, and this would be one of them. When you get a few drinks into the night, simply whisper in your partner’s ear that you’re sporting some rather risqué lingerie under your dress and sit back as the sexual tension builds nicely.

5 – It is a truth universally known that a man in a well tailored suit is irresistible to everyone they encounter.


So gents, pick a place that is smart dress appropriate and make sure to wash your shirt before date night in preparation. Trust me, this is will work. The only thing hotter to a woman than her man in a suit is her man in a suit with aftershave on.

6 – Netflix and Chill.


A recent phenomenon but proven to work very effectively. Snuggle up on the sofa, enjoy a couple of beers and the first few minutes of the new Game of Thrones episode and date night will be well and truly sorted. FYI nobody is watching Netflix or chilling on a Netflix and chill night.

7 – A walk in the woods or a stroll on the beach.


Fingers crossed the aforementioned woods or beach are deserted, because the likelihood of outside sex happening gets a lot higher in those cases. Just think ahead and take a big coat or blanket, because sand gets everywhere and will make the walk home a little awkward.

8 – Karma Sutra night.


A night dedicated to exploring some fun new positions! You don’t have to leave the house or wait until the end of date night for the sex. It’s win-win all round. Remember the lube though!

9 – Take all of these ideas a pop them in a jar and enjoy date night tombola!


Ha! Fondue night, more like fondle you night! …get it? Every time you have a new idea for a kinky, romantic or downright dirty date night activity then write it down and pop it in the jar so you can keep your plans spontaneous and fun.

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