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100 Orgasms in 10 Days

Sometimes skim reading has its benefits. 

I totally misread the title of a website post as ‘100 Orgasms in 10 Days’ (worryingly, I wasn’t even half right) but it got me thinking… 

We know that you lot over on Facebook particularly love to share so could you achieve 100 Orgasms in 10 Days starting today…and could you write erotica about it?

We want to hear all about your quest for 100 O faces and when I say ‘all’ I mean ALL about them. How did you get there? Could you have had more? Did it take less than 10 days? Give us some detail folks! We know you’re a lovely smutty lot. Make it up if you like, we’re looking for a filthy writer who can stimulate our…imaginations…with their story or comments. Write a diary, send us a story covering the whole 10 days, share your experiences; it’s entirely up to you.

So, take up our challenge: can you arouse the Bondara office with your writing prowess as you set out on your journey to reach 100 Orgasms in 10 Days?


Leave us a comment here on the blog, or on Facebook if you want, or send us a link to your blog on Twitter using the #100orgasms10days hashtag but we want to hear all about your attempt to reach the big 100. Who knows, if we’re really impressed someone might win some goodies to help them towards the next hundred….







One thought on “100 Orgasms in 10 Days”

  1. Ah it so much fun to see this title!
    About a month ago this was a task that my Husband gave me. The story up to day 6 can be found on my blog. Day 7 – 10 are to follow in the next weeks.

    Rebel xox

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