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The Six Stages of Kissing

To celebrate National Kissing Day we’ve put together a list of the six stages of kissing. Never again will you be left post-kiss wondering what that particular smooch meant. All you need to know will be provided within this list. So pucker up and get ready for some serious educating.

Stage One: Pecking

So you’ve found yourself close to another person’s face. If this is the first time you’ve been close to this particular face, or in fact any face, then the kiss you’re most likely to encounter is the Peck.

Short, sweet and adorable, this stage is the viral cat video of kisses. It leaves you sighing and occasionally going ‘awww’ when you think back on it.


Stage Two: Lingering Peck

If you are relatively familiar with other people’s faces then you can skip straight to this stage of kissing. The lingering peck is pretty much a peck that lingers on a bit longer.

You lean in for the first kiss, lean back for a second and then you pull the ‘I can’t help but kiss you again’ move and sweep back in for a few more. It’s a classic in the kissing community.


Stage Three: Getting Warmer

This is a proper kiss. The kind of kiss you will use most often when you’ve established a kissing partner in your life that you’ve already experienced stage one and two with.

It’s a longer, firmer, is-that-a-bit-of-tongue-I-feel kind of kiss that when executed properly should leave you mildly out of breath with a strange tingly feeling in your upper thigh area.


Stage Four: Advanced Make Out

This is simply turning up the heat with some cheeky kissing extras that will win you some ‘combo points’ if you will.

For example a little lip biting (not too rough) or holding of the face, a brief diversion to neck kissing, a little more tongue. It could be anything! It all depends on what you’re into.


Stage Five: Setting the Table

This is the kind of kiss with a purpose. We all know that you have to lay the table before you sit down to eat, and it’s the same with sex. This is the kiss that will set the tone for the night ahead.

I recommend all the tips from stage five with a little more intensity and a little less clothing.


Stage Six: Post-Glow

This is a simple kiss, no frills or bows needed. You’ve reached the top of the kissing ladder, so now it’s time to enjoy the view with a breathy, warm and sultry smooch.


Well done you.

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