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Valentine’s Day Facts

In Victorian times, it was thought to be bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card with your name. That’s why I sign all mine ‘I’m watching you right now’ instead. No replies as of yet.il_570xN.302167564

In the 1800, those who were pining for their lost loves were advised to eat chocolate. This sounds about right to me.

On average, around 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards around the world are exchanged each year. That’s a lotta love.

images (2)Over £1 billion is spent on chocolate alone at Valentine’s! How about some chocolate body paint instead? Change it up a little!

One of the many theories on the origins of Valentine’s Day is that it started with a Roman festival where men stripped naked and spanked women to increase their fertility. Kinky! We approve!

valentine_2Girls in medieval times would eat strange foods on Valentine’s Day in the hopes that it would have them dreaming of their future love. *ring ring* Yes, I’d like to order the crocodile curry with a side of beetroot mash please… what?

Around 73% of flower sales on Valentine’s Day are made by men. Come on girls! Treat your other half to a bunch of roses on this special day!

Valentine-Greeting-Cards-115% of women in the US send themselves a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day. This. Is. Genius.

220,000 is the average number of proposals that happen every year on Valentine’s Day. I wonder how many happen on National Orgasm Day!

valentines-day-restaurants-melbourne-flIt takes your brain one fifth of a second to fall in love. Well you know what they say! The brain knows what the heart wants.

Happy Valentine’s Day, you saucy lot! x

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