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What Is Meok-Bang?

If you’re a regular YouTube watcher then you’ll have noticed a growing trend within the YouTube community and that is the meok-bang. But what is meok-bang?

meok bang youtube maleA meok-bang is a phenomenon which originated in South Korea and can be strictly translated to “eating broadcast”. What a meok-bang entails is a person, usually alone, sitting and eating a large meal in front of the camera (often live but sometimes pre-recorded). The person will then chat with their live audience or talk to themselves in a conversational manner.

The first meok-bang I ever watched was hosted by huge YouTube celebrity Trisha Paytas who explained that a meok-bang is enjoyable for viewers who are dining alone and would rather be dining with company. This made sense to me as I too like to watch YouTube when eating. Also, people find it enjoyable to look at delicious food (hence the popularity of “Food Porn” pages on Facebook and #FoodPorn on Instagram which has been tagged close to 100 million times.)

However, in spite of terms such a “food porn” most of us don’t find it sexually exciting to look at Oreo cheesecakes on Pinterest – that’s why I was surprised to discover that the meok-bang is a kind of sexual fetish!

meok bang youtubeInternet sensation, Park Seo-yeon, earns $9,000 a month by sitting at home in front of her webcam and eating enormous amounts of food. Every evening she’ll prepare for herself a very large and elaborate meal and gorge upon it over the course of about three hours as she chats with her viewers.

Seo-yeon certainly isn’t the only ‘Broadcast Jocky’, or “BJ”, live-streaming her meals but she is certainly one of the most attractive which is why she has one of the largest audiences on South Korea’s AfreecaTV – a social networking site where viewers pay to chat with BJs.

However, although the meok-bang can be a sexual experience for some viewers, there is nothing overtly sexual about Seo-yeon’s show. She doesn’t strip, talk dirty or eat in an especially sexual manner but none the less some people do get a sexual kick from watching her eat.

Supposedly though, the Korean meok-bang is not to be confused with feederism – another fetish concerned with the consumption of food.

girl-eating-noodles-meok-bangFeederism describes sexual gratification as a result of watching other people eat, usually for the purposes of weight gain. Generally when we think about feederism it falls under fat fetishism and a feeder is the partner of an overweight or obese person who enjoys feeding them and watching them eat a lot of food.

In addition to the actual act of eating, a feeder will get a kick from monitoring their weight, watching them struggle to fit into clothes and generally enjoy watching their body grow bigger. To accelerate weight gain, feeders may adopt extreme methods such as using funnels and feeding tubes which will be loaded up with high calorie liquid food such as cream or melted butter.

This fetish is very different to the standard meok-bang which is unrelated to weight gain. Seo-yeon is a very slim young woman in spite of the enormous quantities of food that she consumes (TEACH ME!)

sploshingOf course there are other ways that food can be enjoyed sexually outside the realms of fat fetishism – sploshing being a perfect example. Some people just love to throw cake, jelly and beans at one another and smear the mess over their bodies. If you’re planning on doing something like this at home, you might want to invest in some PVC sheets!

Ultimately we all enjoy pleasure and we all enjoy the feeling of satisfaction, be that post orgasm or post 14 inch pizza. That’s why both lust and gluttony feature in the list of Seven Deadly Sins – God forbid anyone have any fun!

That’s all for this week. Have an overindulgent weekend! Xx

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