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U WOT M8- Chav Fetishism

When you’re at home watching Benefit Street or taking a leisurely stroll to the job centre, you probably don’t find yourself madly aroused… or do you?

Chav fetishism, more commonly known as “scally fetish”, describes a liking for British working class people who wear tracksuits and sports clothing and speak with a “common” accent…

chav1Although a chav fetish can describe a preference for men and women, it is definitely most popular within the gay community and is enjoyed by homosexual men with an attraction to masculine and aggressive “thugs”.

So what does the perfect chav dream boy look like? Well you can expect to see him in a hoodie, a tracksuit from JJB Sports (the bottoms of which will be tucked into his white socks), trainers, a cap and some chunky Argos gold jewellery. Facially the delinquent will resemble a mug shot from your local police station and have overly gelled hair with a can of Stella in one hand and a fag in the other.

chav2The type of “gear” a chav wears is very important within scally fetishism – brand names mean a lot and so if he’s is wearing Reebok trainers instead of Nike or a Puma tracksuit rather than Adidas, he may not get laid.

Clothing is often a huge part of the sexual appeal when it comes to scally fetishism. Guys like to masturbate whilst wearing sports clothing and then cum on or in the trackies, or the sportswear of their partner.

As scallies find the masculinity of chavs appealing, often the odour of the thug is a turn on also. Sometimes guys won’t shower for a week because the scent of cheesy feet and sweaty balls is so sexy. For scallies with a particular interest in feet they may stick their nose into wiffy trainer as they jerk off or purchase dirty chav socks online.

Another big appeal of chavs in their confident and aggressive manner, which is often attractive as a consequence of bullying and intimidation during school years. CBT (cock and ball torture) can likewise be a big part of scally fetishism with guys wanting to be kicked the balls by chavs… but that’s actually rather tame compared to some other desires; a common fantasy is to be “jumped” by a group of chavs, to be beaten badly, head stomped (with designer trainers) and knocked out.

chav3Of course, scally fetishism isn’t all about homosexual men; some heterosexual men have a perverted interest in female chavs also – well, who doesn’t pitch a tent for Vicky Pollard?

I found this quote on;

Honestly, the more make-up they wear, the bigger the scrunchie, the mankier and more common the accent, the cheaper the sports tracksuit, the better! I especially like cotton (or 100% polyester) tracksuits over the puffy ones because it clings to their figures better”

As well as this quote on;

I love that attitude – so like dominant – I don’t like the lifestyle by far but just the attitude turns me on to be honest the occasional “WIT THE — YOO LOOKIN IT?” in street/bus I’ve found to be quite exciting and I’ve sometimes fantasised about them actually making an issue of it physically. I also find the idea of them saying that I’m ugly/ have small genitals quite to be sexual”.

Smoking fetishism also plays a big role in chav-appeal, as does spitting after every couple of drags. You can watch working-class girls and guys smoking in porn moves as well as sitting at home on webcam. Supposedly the messier and the more poorly decorated the house, the better.

That’s all for this week; you stay classy, perverts.


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