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Tiny Fetishism – Microphilia

I’ve previously written a Fetish Friday blog post about giant fetishism (macrophilia) which describes a sexual interest in excessively large beings. This week I’ll be writing about the complete opposite of that fetish; microphilia, by which a person is sexually aroused at the thought of being tiny or at the thought of other tiny people. A desire to be especially small can have masochistic connotations where as a want to be especially large can be associated with sadism.

(It is arguable however that macrophilia and microphilia are synonymous with one another as both fetishes are concerned with the same fantasies, just from difference perspectives).


Here’s is one man’s experience with microphilia from;

“I’ve a fetish called Microphilia, as you would imagine this means that I fantasize about being tiny. (Think, The Borrowers, Thumbelina, Alice in Wonderland, Gulliver’s Travels, that sort of thing…)

Compared to a lot of fetishes I realise that this is pretty tame, especially as it can’t actually be [played out] in real life. This means that it’s confined 100% to the internet and my imagination.

I’ve had this fetish for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of being uncomfortable watching Fern Gully or Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Not turned on per say, just uncomfortable. It became more sexualised as I did, growing up.

It does cause some problems, as I often have to think of it to get an erection during sex, or to cum, although it doesn’t really affect performance in general.”

Fantasies involving microphilia can be played out in a number of different ways. One common fantasy story is microphilia as a part of vorarephilia, which describes an erotic desired to be swallowed whole or eaten alive by a larger being.


Another common fantasy within microphilia is “unbirthing” by which a tiny person is “consumed” by a giant’s/macro’s vagina. In the fantasy the person may perish (much like with vorarephilia) or they may simply exist inside the woman’s vagina/womb for a period of time before they are “birthed” once again. This is in some way similar to men who desired to put their head inside a woman’s vagina and be as much inside her as physically possible.

As well as the tiny person being consumed by a giant’s vagina, the micro can also be “swallowed” by a macro’s anus or they may be forced down the hole of a giant man’s penis. The micro may then be expelled once again when the man ejaculates.


I once saw a hentai cartoon in which many tiny, sexy women were climbing and crawling over a man’s penis and balls, rubbing themselves on his manhood and licking and stroking it. Such an experience would create a sensation much like that of formicophilia which is an erotic desired to be crawled upon by bugs or small insects.

Microphilia is a fantasy which cannot be acted out in real life and is therefore contained to the world of art and erotic literature. In such stories a micro may be shrunken by magic potions, spells or alien rays. In illustrations, manga and hentai the tiny person may be consumed by a sexy giant/ macro or may be trapped between a huge woman’s breasts or lost inside enormous genitalia.

That’s all for this week, don’t get stuck in any giant crevices and have a great weekend! xx

One thought on “Tiny Fetishism – Microphilia”

  1. I have always had a thing concerning dwarf women. The idea of lifting them on to it, so they are impaled; is a thought of sheer delight!

    I have had this experience with tiny women 4′ 9″-4′ 11″ and it is the pain knowing they have to make it soft to get off, that encourages them to actively take part to bring it out of you, that is also very pleasing………Oh just me then!

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