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Tightlacing and Corset Fetishism

I love corsets, I always have done; I think they look incredibly sexy. A corset slims the waist, pushes up the breasts and accentuates the female form. So where did this body sculpting wonder come from?

A brief history of corsets


  • The corset originated in Italy and was introduced to France in the 1500s. The first corsets were tight and elongated.
  • Mid 1500s – 1600s – Corsets were commonly worn in Europe and Britain. The front of the corset was usually covered by a ‘stomacher’ which created a decorative v-shape on the abdomen. Corsets were frequently reinforced with whalebone to maintain stiffness.
  • 1700s – The purpose of the corset was to lift the breasts, tighten the waist and improve posture. Well-fitted corsets were comfortable and did not restrict breathing. Women were able to work whilst corseted.
  • Mid-late 1800s – The hourglass figure became fashionable. Tightlacing was popular and corsets no longer ended at the waist; they continued lower giving shape to the hips.
  • 1900s – Shortly after the United States entered into World War I in 1917 women were asked to stop buying corsets. This initiative saved 28,000 tonnes of metal, enough to build two battle ships! Since that time corsets have not been a mainstream fashion item.

And what of modern day corsetry?


Today corsets are still fashionable within alternative communities such as goth and punk subcultures, as well as being ever present in burlesque performances. Corseting is also very popular within the world of fetish and BDSM – that’s what we like to hear!

So why are corsets kinky?large-21028951

Corsets are inherently alluring as they hyper-sexualize the female form. We subconsciously asses a woman’s attractiveness based on her waist-to-hip ratio – the curvier the better! What’s more, a corset will make the breasts appear bigger and rounder and who doesn’t enjoy prominent cleavage?

Fetish corsets are usually made from leather, PVC, rubber or latex and may be decorated with metal studs, lace trims, PVC bows or any other erotic adornment. A properly fitted corset may be worn by a Domme or Dominatrix to sculpt her shape and create a domineering stature.

As well as corsets being generally sexy and a commonplace piece of attire within the fetish community, the art of corset training is a fetish in itself.

What is corset training?

Corset training, otherwise known as tightlacing, is the art of training the waist to be as small as possible thus accentuating the hourglass shape. In the 18 and 1900s it was said that a man should be able to place his hands around a woman’s waist and his fingers should touch on either side – that’s tiny.

corset 4If a lady is devoted to achieving an incredibly tiny waist she will wear a corset each and every day and sleep in one each night! A woman by the name of Cathie Jung in the United States currently holds the title of world’s smallest waist. Her midriff is a miniscule 15 inches – that’s the size of a CD! Her overall stats are 39-15-39 (bust-waist-hips) and just to put that into perspective for you, I’m a UK dress size 10 and my statists are 35-27-35 – quite the difference!

A close contender for the title of ‘world’s smallest waist’ is New York based fetish model Kelly Lee Dekay and her mini midriff of just 16 inches. Dekay’s figure is perhaps even more impressive than Jung’s due to her enormous 36GG bust and curvaceous 41 inch hips – that’s shapely! What’s more, Kelly is pretty damn glamorous… in fact, I’m going to follow her on Instagram right now. Brb.

In order to achieve a waist that small the organs actually have to move! If worn for long enough consistently the shape of the ribs will alter which can be pretty dangerous. Once the bones have been warped in such a way the body may become reliant on the corset for support and the spine may struggle to keep the body upright when the corset is removed.

It would seem that corset training is a rather unique fetish as it is concerned with one’s own self-image rather than focusing on another person or object. It goes without saying however that there are people who enjoy the look of a corset on a woman and have a strong sexual preference for an hourglass figure.slideshow_7

If you like the idea of sculpting your body into a hyper-sexual female shape then you’ll need to be patient! Achieving such an impressive form will require years of training, perhaps even a lifetime! The choice is yours.

See you next week 😉

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