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The excitement of a stranger

From a very young age we’re warned about the danger of ‘strangers’; “Don’t talk to strangers”, “don’t take candy from strangers”, “don’t get in the car if a stranger offers you a ride home from school”…

But sometimes, danger is exciting!


I am TERRIBLE for this and get myself in trouble of a fairly regular basis. Being a potent mix of an adrenaline junkie, a curios soul and a complete idiot, I’ve been lured away on all sorts of adventures (usually for better, rather than worse!)

Whether it’s an invite to an after party at 4am, a lift on a motorbike from an unknown driver in Southeast Asia or an online first date at a sketchy location – I’m going.

Heading off somewhere new and unknown with a “stranger” – especially an attractive stranger – gives you such an adrenaline rush, it’s very easy to see why a person would find the experience arousing.

Then of course there are those who love one night stands – one steamy night of sex with a person you just met and will never see again…

With a one night stand you can free yourself of any inhibitions as you needn’t worry about future judgment. One night stands are all about physical pleasure with absolutely no feelings involved; it’s just two people indulging in one another’s bodies and existing in that moment.

Some people use one night stands as a no-strings, “guilt free”, secret way to cheat on their partner. One naughty night of something different gives them the thrill and sexual release that they need – Not that I in any way encourage infidelity!


But what if you want the thrill of sleeping with someone mysterious without the risk of meeting a stranger?

That’s where masks are fantastic!

With a mask a person can appear to be completely anonymous – even if they’re your partner!

Perhaps masquerade balls were the original fetish parties? At fetish parties you can meet a number of kinky strangers who identities are concealed for an intimate rendezvous.

(Meeting someone at an organised fetish event may be a fair bit safer than meeting a stranger in some other circumstance, however, any kind of adult, anonymous encounter comes with a degree of risk.)

Masks certainly have a role to play in BDSM – gimp masks being a prime example. Some gimp masks also cover ears, eyes and mouth for sensory deprivation.

Fear can be a key ingredient for arousal, that’s why (odd as it may sound), Halloween masks can be very exciting in the bedroom. If you’re being taken by the Scream, the Devil, a putrefied zombie or Donald Trump, you’re certainly going to feel the fear as you get fucked.

Speaking of scary faces – what about clowns!


Masks and anonymity have a large role to play in clown fetishism, although often a face is concealed by face paint rather than a physical mask. However, although a lot of us do find clowns to be at least a little bit creepy, often clown fetishism is more about dressing up, having fun and letting go of your true identity.

Lastly, masks can be very useful when it comes to acting out your partner’s ravishment fantasy (rape fetish). A lot of women fantasize about being raped (yeah – really) but acting out that fantasy can be very difficult. If she wants to be raped, then it’s not rape. If she doesn’t want to be raped then that’s not fulfilling her fantasy.

A way that some couples manage to overcome this conundrum is to have the man wear a mask and ‘break into the house’ and then ravage the woman.

… This can all go horribly wrong though when she kicks him in the nuts, pokes him in the eyes and smashes a vase over his head.

Have a great weekend xx

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