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Symphorophilia – Accident / Disaster Fetishism

Symphorophilia 1So last night I watched a film, a fairly old film now I suppose, but if you’ve seen it you may have been equally traumatised… or aroused… or confused… or all of the above. The film I’m referring to is called Crash (1996), which was based on the novel Crash by J. G. Ballard (1973). This film, although not pornographic, is extremely sexual and explores a number of deviations and fetishes; sadomasochism, cuckolding, cuckquening, voyeurism, scarification, body modification (tattooing), abasiophilia (immobility, leg braces) as well as first time homosexual encounters.

The primary fetish explored in this movie, and the fetish we’re going to look at in this week’s blog is symphorophilia. Symphorophilia, otherwise known as accident or disaster fetishism, describes sexual arousal as a consequence of witnessing or being part of an accident or catastrophe – natural or manmade.

Symphorophilia 2In the film crash, the leading characters are aroused by road traffic accidents and violent car crashes. The attraction is not limited only to witnessing crashes and being involved in them, but also the resulting scars left on the body. In one particularly erotic scene as the two main characters are fucking, the wife gets herself off whilst asking her husband to describe the scared body of a man who was in a car crash.

Symphorophilia is not limited only to road traffic accidents; the term can be used to describe an attraction to any disaster or catastrophe, such as a fire, hurricane, typhoon, flood, plane crash, train derailment, earthquake and so on.

One allure of this fetish is the thrill of dancing with death; the adrenaline and excitement involved when there is a risk of being killed – much like a game of Russian roulette. As a consequence of the thrill, even the fear, the fetishist experiences sexual stimulation.

Symphorophilia 3There is something, of course, sadomasochistic about symphorophilia, as the fetishist wishes to hurt themselves, or watch others be injured – or even killed. A fetishist may purposefully head to the scene of disasters or crashes for the element of danger, or to witness the gruesome aftermath of the accident. Worst still a symphorophile may cause accidents for their own sexual gratification, such as by running cars off the road, or committing arson.

Symphorophilia 4As a titillating memorandum, a symphorophile may take pleasure in photographing a tragic event with the intention of using the images later for masturbatory purposes. The fetishist may lurk around crash sites or chase storms – anything to satisfy their darkest urges.

Experiencing sexual arousal when scared is often a consequence of the rush of adrenaline. In a safe and consensual environment experimenting with fear is known as ‘fear play’ and may involve erotic asphyxiation, severe punishment or castration play. Fear as a sexual stimulant can be more dangerous with a symphorophile as the risk is heightened and can result in serious injury or even death.

Symphorophilia is certainly up there with some of the most strange and disturbing sexual fetishists, along with negrophilia (sex with a dead person), vorarephilia (cannibalism fetish), erotophonophilia (murder fetishism) and crush fetishism (crushing animals to death for the purposes of sexual arousal).

Symphorophilia 5So perhaps this week’s fetish isn’t something you’d like to try at home – but it sure is interesting to know about. So the next time you’re stuck in a huge traffic jam on the motor way, it may be because some guy with a camera and an erection has stopped his car to photograph a poor innocent crash victim to selfishly add material to his wank bank.

Have a great weekend!

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