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Sweaty fetish

After several years of writing this blog it can be difficult to come up with new ideas for posts – that’s why I’m always very happy when something springs to mind during the course of my day. Yesterday I went for a long run and then came home dripping with sweat and thought “sweat fetish – I bet that’s a thing!”

And that sweaty search led me down a wet and messy rabbit hole…Firstly, I was right; sweat fetishism is “a thing”. Some people love the look and feel of sweat – often even the smell. Sweat does contain pheromones, after all. A person with a fetish for sweat may enjoy watching videos of people exercising or may want to take their partner straight from the gym to the bedroom, without hitting the showers.

sweat2Salophilia describes an attraction to salt or salty things. Sweat, as I’m sure you’re aware, contains a lot of salt and thus a salophile may enjoy licking the salty sweat from someone’s skin.

Sweat fetishism can be a part of foot fetishism with some people really getting a kick from sweaty, cheesy feet. Sure, that may sound disgusting but I knew of a guy who would ask his girlfriend to work out in trainers (no socks) as he found the notion of her sweaty feet to be very erotic.

Perhaps quite predictably also is that someone with an armpit fetish may likewise be fond of sweat!

sweat3On a similar, dirty, smelly note we have sairophilia which can be defined as erotic pleasure derived from soiling “something”. What’s soiled could be one’s underwear (omorashi; wetting one’s panties, urolagnia; pee play, coprophilia; poop play) or any other item of clothing.

Sairophilia will usually manifest in an object of one’s sexual desire, usually an attract person/ one’s sexual partner. So a sairophile may like to watch a person wet their pants or may enjoy seeing them covered in mud or flith – basically anything which makes them dirty and less attractive.

Messing up a person’s hair and makeup, ripping their clothing or forcing them to wear clothes that fit badly can also be a part of sairophilia – bizarre, huh?

As well as sweat and pee there a plenty of other ways that a person can soil their partner’s appearance – cumming of their face or body, for one. Better still – bukkake!. If you don’t know what bukkake is, it’s basically a bunch of guys stood around in a circle all jerking off onto the body and face of one person (usually, in porn, a woman).

But not everyone has access to a willing partner, that’s why some guys like to “pay tribute” to girls on the internet. What is paying tribute? To pay tribute to a person online is to print off one of their photograph, decorate it (with cum, not Pritt Stick and glitter) and then take a photo of that photo and send it back to them.

Sorry Emma…

To some a tribute is a huge compliment, but this happened to me a couple of times back in the MySpace days, completely out of the blue, and I was pretty grossed out to be honest…

sweat4Sexual aroused from “bodily fluids” such as sweat, pee, poop and vomit can be referred to as a mysophilia. A mysophilie may like to lurk in public bathrooms or not bathe for several days in order to be as sweaty, smelly and dirty as possible. Such a person may also enjoy alleyways as dirt and trash can likewise be exciting.

That’s all for this week… I’m off to take a shower!

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