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swallow1It’s no secret that when it comes to sex, men are very visual creatures. With this in mind, when orally pleasuring a man it can be important to think about how the blow job looks, as well as how it feels. Something like a flirtatious glance up at his eyes or running your tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip of his penis can really add to the experience.

Just as a man loves to watch you handle his cock, he also likes to watch how you take his cum; so even if in your head you’re thinking “is that… asparagus?” It’s important to make it look as though your mouth was just filled with delicious warm caramel. If you want to make the grand finally look even more impressive, try opening your mouth before you swallow, and cheekily licking your lips afterwards for a real thrill.

swallow2In addition to the aesthetics of swallowing, men love the idea of you swallowing their load – supposedly it’s a form of acceptance. To quote a man from an online adult forum; “It shows that she wants all of me”. On the flip side of course, this means that a man may feel rejected if you chose not to swallow his cum. Yes, as crazy as it sounds some guys genuinely take you spitting out their cum as a personal insult – not to make you feel obligated or anything!

Of course swallowing can be a very sexy part of BDSM play; for instance a Dom may force his sub to swallow his load as a part of sexual submission, or even as a part of humiliation play. In BDSM pet play a sub may even be ordered to eat their master’s cum from a dog bowl on the floor.

swallow3However, swallowing is not all about pleasing the guy; some women and men love the taste and experience of swallowing their partner’s cum. The act of swallowing can feel very erotic, naughty, or even loving. Additionally, every guy tastes different – your partner’s cum might taste better than cookie dough ice cream… but I highly doubt it.

Though, speaking of ice cream, cooking with semen is apparently something people do – it is protein after all. There is even a cookbook which you can buy online; “Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen Based Recipes” which contains page after page of spunk-rich cuisines. Following the success of the book the creators released a second salty sensation; “Semenology – The Semen Bartender’s Handbook” which includes an enhanced version of all your favourite cocktails, such as ‘The Macho Mojito’ and ‘The Irish Coffee with Extra Cream’. I guess they really are COCKtails.

swallow4On one final note, if your partner really wants you to swallow his load but you simply cannot stand the taste, there are certain things he can do to make his cum taste nicer. Supposedly, if a man eats watermelon, kiwi and celery his sexual juices will taste nicer, whereas drinking coffee and beer is said to make semen taste bitterer. Smoking can likewise worsen the taste of cum. For a sweeter taste, a man can try eating blueberries, cranberries and pineapple – cinnamon and peppermint could also improve the taste!

And at the end of the day, swallowing is easier than cleaning the bed sheets so why not give him a treat?swallow5

Have a great weekend!

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