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Superhero Fetish

It seems that today, superheroes are more popular than they’ve ever been- so this week I’m talkin’ ’bout Superhero Fetish.

Rather than hiding in the pages of comic books to be worships and idolized by nerds, these spandex-clad, muscular superheroes are saving the world in 3D, high definition on the big screen. Marvel movies have become extremely popular in the past decade with characters such as Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Wolverine and Deadpool becoming big household names.

This year we’ll being seeing a few more big superhero movies such as Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad with Jared Leto as the Joker so there is A LOT coming for anyone who gets hot for a hero…

iron man and black widowWhen you consider that most superheroes are good looking, brave, strong, have super powers and dressed in ostentatious skin-tight costumes, it really isn’t surprising that there are people who have a fetish for these heroic figures.

One allure of the superhero is that some people, usually woman, have a ‘damsel in distress’ fantasy, i.e., a desire to be rescued. To some, the thought of being helpless and in danger and then rescued by a strong, brave, post-human figure is hot! Ladies, I’m sure if Chris Hemsworth flew down from Asgard to rescue your sweet ass from a burning building, you could think of a few ways to thank him.

Superhero costumes are also remarkably easy to kink-up, or, make sexier. Superhero costumes are already pretty erotic as they’re often fashioned from clinging spandex, but you could always opt for a different material for a more fetish look. A superhero costume made from rubber, PVC or latex could look extremely kinky and really turn heads at a fetish party.

thor chris hemsworthAs superheroes are predominantly male, superhero fetishism is pretty large in the gay community. Bulging biceps, lycra-clad buttocks and flawless male grooming make these heroes the perfect male pinups… Has anyone else ever thought that perhaps Batman and Robin were more than just friends?

If you fancy a naughty read before you go to bed this evening then you won’t struggle to find erotic literature online involving any one or your favorite superheroes. Erotic fan fiction is huge in just about any fan niche, such as Harry Potter. As well as reading kinky fan-written fiction, there are also thousands of cheesy porno-spoof movies where you can see your super-idol’s super-size dick.

Of course another huge appeal of the superhero is that they have super powers! As well as being super strong, super fast and often able to fly or teleport, most superheroes have unique and obscure super powers, such as Storm’s ability to manipulate weather and Mystique’s ability to shape-shift (X-Men).

busty catwomanSo, if you were a superhero, what would you like for your superpowers to be in order to make you a super lover?

On Reddit there is a thread entitled “What sexual fetishes do you think different superheroes have?” Here are some of the best answers;

“Aquaman probably has a foot fetish ’cause those flat ol’ land-pounders are the underwater equivalent of tentacle porn.”

“Iron man gets pegged by his womanly robotic inventions.”

“Rorschach is probably into auto-erotic asphyxiation.”

“The Hulk is into anal fisting. He must be. I can see it in his eyes.”

“I like to think Superman is very sexually frustrated and enjoys seeing beautiful, fully clothed women but his X-ray vision prevents any sort of mystery in the situation.”

“Superman has a diaper fetish. It’s the only explanation.”

“The Hulk is probably a sissy boy and likes being dominated.”

“Deadpool has none…With how crazy he is, vanilla sex is probably the most kinky thing he can do.”


That’s all for this week – “Up, up and away!”

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