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Squirtle, I Choose You!

Hurtin’ for a squirtin’…

For some, knowing that they’ve made a girl cum simply isn’t satisfying enough; rather, a squirting fetishist will want to see something more than a ‘happy face’ in exchange for their hard work.

We all know when a man has had an orgasm because, aside from the fact that he rolled off you and was asleep in under 40 seconds, he ejaculated. There are no two ways about it; when a man blows his load he’s done, he’s happy, but for women it’s not as straight forward.


Female ejaculation is up there on a list of phenomenon upon which people simply can’t agree, along with Big Foot, UFOs and 9/11 conspiracy theories. Some believe that all women can squirt, where as others think it’s just for the lucky or talented few (i.e., women whom should consider a career in adult movies), where as others flatly deny that it’s possible at all, dismissing the notion with simply; “she’s just peeing”.

Well let’s say that the glass is half full (though full of what I wouldn’t like to say) and assume that some, or most women can squirt when the proper technique is implemented. Frustratingly though we’re still not exactly sure what that ‘proper technique’ is. The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggested that a fluid (which is not urine) is emitted from the Skene’s gland, making female ejaculation much like male ejaculation, which of course comes from the prostate gland.


However, physiologically speaking, the technique required to make a woman squirt (assuming that she can squirt at all) varies from woman to woman due to the position of the Skene gland and its ability to produce fluid. Many profess that the way to make a woman squirt is through vigorous g-spot stimulation, and whilst this may be true for some ladies (for whom the Skene gland is positioned directly behind or near to the g-spot), for others you’re never going to trigger a gush of liquid from g-spot stimulation as the Skene gland is too far away. Furthermore the gland’s ability to produce liquid varies from woman to woman, so ladies (or partners), don’t be too disheartened if, despite your best efforts, you can’t make it happen… but you can have a lot of fun trying!

So now that we’ve looked at the body scientifically and completely desexualized squirting, let’s remind ourselves of why female ejaculation is so hot. Squirting is symbolic of possibly the most erotic moment during sexual play; the female orgasm. Along with sensual moaning, rapid panting and a facial expression which portrays a feeling of sheer ecstasy, the female ejaculation is a wet and wonderful ending to sexual climax.


With all the mystery and wonder surrounding female ejaculation it’s not surprising that squirting a fetish. Entirely separate from ‘golden showers’ which many considered to be unclean and unerotic, female ejaculation is beautiful and natural, much like male ejaculation.

For squirting fetishists, whom are more often than not male, seeing a woman ejaculate may be the only thing which gets him aroused. Men with a fetish for squirting may watch a large amount of squirting porn, or obsessively try to make their female partner ejaculate.


So what do you think? Can all woman squirt? Have you ever squirted? Is female ejaculant nothing more than piss? Leave a comment and let us know!

See you next week! x

3 thoughts on “Squirtle, I Choose You!”

  1. I have known two women who were able to squirt. One of them was not what one might call a copious squirter, but the other was incredible. She could absolutely gush when being vigorously dildoed, and after a few seconds rest would be ready to be pounded again. About a minute later, she would gush again, and she was able to go on like this all evening. On one memorable occasion she absolutely drenched the sofa, despite there being a quantity of towels on hand to mop up her output.

  2. I am a squirter and it is the most awesome orgazims there are it is true not all man can make me squirt but it is fun trying

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