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The Kinky World of Specs Appeal

Before you shout specy four-eyes, let me tell you that spectacle-clad geeks can be pretty damn sexy. From the quite kid in school to the studious and sophisticated girl in the office, wearing a pair of glasses can really improve your “spex appeal”


So what is it about glasses that makes them so hot?

Well on the one hand glasses can symbolize youth and innocence. If you think about the girl next door, the shy school girl or even the timid librarian, her wide-rim glasses really do make her look more naïve and sexually inexperienced.

Why is naivety sexy? Well, the idea of corrupting innocence can be really hot; taking something pure and making it dirty, like footprints in a blanket of white snow.


We perceive the quiet school girl or the reserved librarian to be to be submissive in nature and therefore very fun to dominate. On the flip side however, the timid girl may be hiding a wild and kinky side; perhaps she’ll whip off her glasses, let down her hair and ravage you in the science fiction isle – they do say the quiet ones are the kinkiest, after all.  

Of course, glasses can make you seem sexy and desirable without the innocent side; think about the stereotypical sexy secretary, or Clark Kent. Glasses can be the perfect role play accessory for a naughty office fantasy with some over the desk action.


In Japanese, Meganekko (メガネっ娘) is a word that strictly translates to ‘girl (wearing) glasses’ and is a sub-genre of anime pornography. Glasses in Japan symbolize something different for men and women; a man wearing glasses would be viewed as authoritative and dominant, whereas a woman in glasses would be considered shy and reserved. When a woman removes her glasses she reveals her true beauty and sexiness.

One of the reasons that we find glasses so hot is that glasses symbolize intelligence and being smart is sexy! To be sapiosexual means to be sexually attracted to incredible intellect or high IQ. A sapiosexual person would likely get hot under the collar when meeting a scientist, doctor or university lecturer. Someone smart if more likely to be wealthy and successful, more interesting to talk to and more likely to give you smart babies – why wouldn’t you want to date a brain box? You can only have some much fun with a bimbo…


Of course another huge part of glasses or geek fetishism is the gamer girl! She plays xBox, she eats pizza in her panties and Super Mario t-shirt and she sets challenges like “loser has to go on top!” Why lust after the girl who was a bitch to you in high school high school when you can have lots of kinky sex with a hot girl who’s also your best friend?

The low maintenance gamer girl is every nerd’s wet dream and if you’re really lucky she’ll be into cosplay too! There really is nothing hotter in the world of geek than a sexy girl dressed as your favourite movie, comic book or video game character; a spandex clad Wonder Woman, a busty Ms Vader, or a sexy version of that guy from Skyrim who took an arrow to the knee.


So the next time you’re looking to mix things up in the bedroom, why not try a little geeky role play and see just how much fun a nerd can really have.

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