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Smoking Fetishism

smoke1Smoking fetishism, otherwise known as capnolagnia, describes sexual arousal from watching a person smoke or fantasises involving a smoker. More often than not capnolagnia describes a heterosexual man’s interest in an attractive woman smoking; as is so often the case with sexual fetishism.

Much more than the appearance or smell of smoke, capnolagnia is concerned with the attitude and mannerisms of the smoker; the way she slowly inhales, purses her lips and sensually blows out a long, thick line of smoke. A fetishist may be attracted to the way the cigarette sits between her fingers, or how it looks between her beautifully painted lips.

The reasons a person may be attracted to a smoker in the present day differ somewhat to the allure of days gone by. Back when Hollywood moves were monochrome, smoking was sexy and glamorous, thus wesmoke2 were attracted to smokers because they were rich, famous and beautiful. The long cigarette holder that Audrey Hepburn fashions in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was certainly fabulous and made her appear all the more irresistible.

Presently however we’re told that smoking is a ‘dirty habit’; we know smoking to be hazardous to our health, as well as being expensive and generally frowned by society – so why is it still sexy? Well, for that very reason; it’s taboo! So often we’re attracted to objects or behaviours because they are naughty and unorthodox. If you see a girl smoking then you may label her a ‘bad girl’ and find her rebellious streak sexually appealing.

smoke4If you’re not a smoker, you’ve probably tried it, right? Well, you can’t deny how naughty it felt; that first drag behind the bike shed at school, or outside a university bar. Because we’re always told smoking is wrong, it feels so good to be rebellious – not to mention the head rush!

However, don’t assume your new ‘bad girl’ attitude appeals to everyone! Last week I was in a bar and a guy was asking if I get hit on a lot as a woman travelling alone. Mid-conversation I sparked up a cigarette (I don’t usually smoke – but everyone in Vietnam was doing it) and he said “well, you’re completely safe from me; I can’t stand women that smoke!” Its okay, I don’t like him anyway 😉

Some psychologists theorise that an attraction to smoking stems from a childhood experience, smoke5such as a parent smoking, or the ‘cool’ kids in school taking up the habit. Smoking is often associated with personality traits such as confidence and good social skills; traits which are generally considered to be attractive.

Of course, smoking fetishism has its place in the world of BDSM; a Dom/Domme may punish and humiliate their submissive partner by blowing smoke in their face, using them as a human ashtray or even by extinguishing a cigarette on their skin – owch!

If you have a smoking fetish the great news is you can ‘watch porn’ whenever and wherever, as many smoking fetish videos don’t even involve nudity. It’s also pretty easy to meet smokers if you feel so inclined; just head to a local pub or bar and stand outside in the smoking area and spark up a conversation with anyone who takes your fancy.

FETISH BONUS: Some very talented women can actually smoke cigarettes and cigars with their vaginas. If that sounds hot, look it up!

Well that’s all for this week, have a great weekend! Xx     smoke6

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