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Six Strange and Unusual Fetishes

It may seem odd to think of any sexual fetish as ‘normal’ or ‘mainstream’, but I’ve come across so many different fetishes during my time at Bondara that I certainly consider some to be much more ordinary than others. For instance, foot fetishism hardly seems like a fetish to me at all. So many guys are into feet, and they’re nothing more than a part of the human anatomy, thus a sexual attraction to feet doesn’t seem all that strange.

Fat fetishism, golden showers, hair pulling and ball stretching all seem very run of the mill. So you like to be tied up, spanked and choked? I’ve been more shocked by the antics of Norris on Coronation Street 😉

Don’t get me wrong, there are many fetishes which do still surprise me; eyeball licking, belly stuffing and furry fandom, to name a few, but at least I can just about understand how all of these fetishes could be to someone’s sexual taste, where as the fetishes I’m about to list make absolutely no sense to me at all!

  1. Actirasty – arousal to the sun’s rays.weird1

Okay, sure we all like summer; its BBQ weather, festival season and
maybe you love nothing more than lying in the garden getting a tan, but I find the idea of the sun’s rays making anyone horny pretty odd! I suppose if ever you see a guy on the beach with a massive erection, he’s just enjoying the stimulating effects of the sun’s rays (and of course his boner has nothing to do with the topless babes playing volleyball just a few feet away).


  1. weird2Nebulophilia – arousal to fog.

Seriously? Who looks out the window and thinks “gosh, it’s foggy today! I can’t even see the house across the street. Well, time for a wank then…”


  1. Lithphilia – arousal to stone and gravel.weird3

Strange as this fetish may be, I’m pretty sure I used to know a Lithphile.

When I was a little girl my family lived next door to a very strange couple; one of the most unusual things I remember about the man was his attentiveness to their driveway. Just like most of the houses in the street, their driveway was covered in gravel, or small stones, and the man would stand out there for hours with a watering can, watering the stones and staring at them, occasionally moving them around with his foot.


  1. weird4Climacophilia – arousal to falling down stairs.

Okay so we know when it comes to kink and fetish that pain can be pleasurable, but falling down the stairs, really? I just don’t understand how this could be a turn on for anyone – and imagine the aftermath; ambulance comes, carries you out of the house, puts you in a neck brace, and the whole time you’re nursing a semi? Maybe falling down the stairs is just a precursor to cast and crutch fetishism.


  1. fleshPsychrophilia – arousing to being cold or watching others who are feeling cold.

This just seems unpleasant. Besides the erect nipples thing I really can’t see what’s sexy about people being cold? Needless to say someone enjoyed watching Titanic a whole lot more than I did.


  1. weird6Xylophilia – arousal to wood.

What? Well, send them to Greenpeace; I’m sure they’ll be very interested in saving the rain forest… Though I suspect there will be more tree humping than tree hugging.


Well that’s all for this week, if you know of any fetishes even crazier than the ones I’ve listed, please leave a comment! We always love to know what depraved thoughts are going on in people’s minds.

Have a great weekend xx

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