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Sensation Play- Stimulation and Deprivation

The five senses have a huge part to play in any sexual experience – in fact, what would sex be without the senses? It would be nothing more than an awkward and sticky encounter, purely for the purposes of procreation. Sensation Play, particularly Stimulation and Deprivation of stimulation is amazing foreplay.

During foreplay and sex the senses can be teased and pleasured… Or even punished! But just as you can stimulate the senses you can also deprive your partner of them for even exciting sexual play…

So, here’s how you can stimulate and deprive the five human senses – and why;sensory-play-oysters-taste-sexy-man

  1. Taste 

It can be very exciting to play with a person’s sense of taste and there are so many delicious stimuli out there in the culinary world; cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry jam and honey can all be delectable to lick from the body of your partner. What’s more there are certain foods that act as aphrodisiacs such as oysters, almonds and asparagus. In addition to actual foods, the taste of your partner’s genitals can likewise be very arousing.

man spraying cologne

  1. Smell

The two senses smell and taste are very much connected and without smell you cannot fully enjoy flavour. Of all the five senses, smell is the one with the strongest connection to human memory, so the aroma of a certain massage lotion or a specific aftershave can trigger a romantic memory of a steamy hotel encounter or a wet and wild vacation. To stimulate your partner’s sense of smell try lighting scented candles or wearing your nicest perfume (unless he or she prefers your natural odour).

tie bondage man woman

  1. Sight

Our sense of sight is the primary way in which we perceive the world around us. As well as pleasing that sense with beautiful faces, sexy lingerie and pornography, it can also be exciting to take that sense away. Removing a person’s sense of sight immediately heightens their other senses so they’re more aware of sounds, touching, etc. Probably the most popular method of sensory deprivation; you can easily deprive a person on their sight with a blind fold, mask, sensory deprivation hood or by turning off the lights. Once blinded, they’ll be listening to your every movement, nervously and eagerly awaiting the moment you next touch them. Your touch could be the gentle caress of a feather, the harsh lash of a whip or the shocking sting of an ice cube – it’s entirely up to you how you treat their body.

sight restriction bondage

  1. Sound

The second most important sense in terms of how we understand the world around us is the sense of sound. With our ears we can make sense of conversation, find pleasure in music and enjoy the laughter of a friend. So when you take away a person’s ability to hear (often along with their ability to see), they’re left totally isolated. A sensory deprivation hood is the perfect way to really cut off your sub’s sense of reality, leaving you to have plenty or teasing or torturous fun.


  1. Touch

Lastly, touch. Most definitely the most important of the five senses when it comes to the physical act of sex. Even when deaf and blind with no sense of taste of smell you can still enjoy your partner’s touch on your body, on your erogenous zones and in your most intimate areas. Of course, if you’re into BDSM then you know that every touch doesn’t need to be pleasurable and that pain can be enjoyable also. There a plenty of ways in which you can stimulate your partner’s skin and genitals, leaving them red, stinging and extra sensitive. For sensation play try toys such the flogger, spanking paddle, cane, whip, pin wheel, ice-cold ceramic dildo, hot glass dildo, nipple/ genital clamps, dripping candle wax and any number of vibrating or electric sex toys!


That’s all for this week. Have a stimulating weekend xx

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  1. Some great ideas. But just laughed out loud with the thought of a pillow case over the head. Can just imagine his comments. I do hope some of them work?????

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