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Send In The Clowns

You really can’t get much more fun than clown fetishism. Rather than whipping, slapping and choking, this fetish is about dressing up, having fun and making a mess.


The name for this particular paraphilia is coulrophilia and includes mimes and jesters as well as clowns. Clown fetishism can work as a part of voyeurism, exhibitionism, roll play, BDSM, sploshing, humiliation and more. This freaky fun fetish is more about escaping reality and letting’s one’s hair down than it is about having dirty, filthy sex.

In clown play you get to dress up in a way that is not traditionally sexy but certainly very flamboyant. I’m talking red curly wigs, black eyes, a big red nose, face paint, oversized pants, colourful braces, banana shoes and as many polka dots as possible. You can then make the outfit a little more erotic by having exposed breasts or accessorising with a cat o’nine tales made from deflated balloons… and let’s not forget the grease paint!


In clown fetishism the silliest of features can be a turn on. It could be the honking of a red nose that is sexy or the pinging of trouser braces.

Face paint is often a primary focus within clown fetishism as ‘coulrophiles’ enjoy the look, smell and texture of face paint; “seeing face paint between thighs is breath taking.” What’s more, face paint acts as a kind of mask, concealing one’s identity. With anonymity we experience reduced inhibitions and greater sexual freedom. Also from the opposite perspective it is exciting and arousing to be with a masked stranger as there is an air of mystery. The clown could be anyone.


Clown fetishism can take many different forms. For some the appeal is the transformation; changing from an ordinary person into a bright, colourful and smiley clown! Clown transformation fetishism has its similarities with male feminisation or sissification, i.e. men who like to be dressed in frilly, girly clothing.


For other coulrophiles the sexual attraction may be scary clowns. Clowns are more often a phobia than a paraphilia and many of us find clowns, if not scary, at least a little big creepy. It’s not surprising then that clowns can be a fetish as fear and sexual excitement are often intertwined. I think though that if I was tied to a bed and someone walked in wearing the Saw mask I’d scream and cry my eyes out.


Speaking of tying down, clown fetishism can also be enjoyed as a part of domination and humiliation. Forcing someone to dress up in a ridiculous, demeaning outfit can be an effecting way of shaming and dominating them. A submissive clown may refer to their Dom(me) as Master or Mistress and be considered a play thing for the Dom(me)’s amusement.

Lastly and rather unsurprisingly, clown fetishism has its ties with balloon fetishism. Looners, who I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous blog posts, are individuals with a sexual fetish for balloons. Balloons are of course a huge part of the clown experience and can thus be a fun and exciting part of clown play.

My balloon animal talent ends at balloon snake…       


A looner enjoys the smell, feel and look of the balloon and sometimes even the fear of explosion. When clown and balloon fetishism meet there is no end of sexy, squeaky fun to be had.

So whether you’re a sexy clown, a silly clown or a scary clown, Halloween is just two weeks away so perhaps you should consider the big nose and silly shoes for your costume this year as you never know what other people are into.

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