Pregnancy Fetish

preg1So there’s a new television series out at the moment called Mr. Robot, have you seen it? There have been five episodes released so far and it’s very good; highly recommended.

Anyway, in episode three, I think, we’re introduced to an exceptionally attractive, pregnant, dark haired woman. At first she’s portrayed as the poor neglected wife, left home alone as her husband goes out to a club, but by the end of the episode she had me thinking “damn, this is the first time I’ve ever wanted to fuck a pregnant woman.”

Her husband creeps home in the early hours of the morning. She’s laying spread eagle in the centre of the bed wearing sexy black lingerie and a matching silk blindfold. She asks him specifically for “the red ones”. He then proceeds to tie both of her arms and both of her legs to the metal hoops on their custom made bed using red silk ties. Then she opens her mouth for the ball gag…



A fetish for pregnant women is known as maiesiophilia or maieusophoria. This fetish can manifest in various different ways; let’s first look at the aesthetic aspect. A pregnant woman is said to have a “glow”, supposedly she’s more beautiful and more radiant than she was before pregnancy. But let’s face it, we all know what the average man likes the most about a pregnant woman; her enormous, swollen, overflowing breasts.

What about the big tummy?

A big pregnant belly is very different from a big fat belly. Fat is often stigmatised in society; we’re told that being overweight is unattractive and that a big, fat belly is unappealing (don’t tell that to the BBW guys). A large pregnant belly however is different; it stands out from the rest of the body, it’s stretched, protruding and alluring.

Of course, if we wanted to be really cute we could say that a man is attracted to his pregnant wife or girlfriend because she’s carrying his unborn child and there can be nothing more natural and more beautiful in this world than an expectant mother, harbouring new life.

… But that’s a little too “nice” for Fetish Friday.

So why else might someone have a fetish for pregnant women?

Well, some men like a pregnant woman because he remembers how incredibly horny she was when carrying their previous child. She was desperate, urgent and he was the one to ‘rescue her’ by fucking her as often and as hard as she needed it.

A sexual interest in pregnant women can also play on the taboo aspect. When a woman is pregnant she’s a mother-to-be, a giver or life; her body is nurturing a growing child. She is virtuous, maternal and should be treated with respect and delicacy at all times… perhaps that’s why it’s not uncommon to see pregnancy porn in the bondage and BDSM category.

Now let’s not forget one of the biggest draws to pregnant women; the overlap with lactation fetishism, or lactophilia. Lactophilia describes a sexual interest in lactating women, drinking their breast milk or experimenting with breast pumps. Sexual fantasies of this nature will often involve drinking a pregnant woman’s breast milk or pumping her tits whilst fucking her.


Pregnancy bondage and lactation fetishism is all perfectly fine in my books, but what’s completely fucked up is that maiesiophilia can also describe a sexual interest in the act of child birth!

Really? She’s bright red, screaming in agony, everything’s ripping and bleeding and THERE IS A TINY CHILD COMING OUT OF HER VAGINA.

Seriously, who faps to that?


Anyway, if anything in this week’s blog turned you on, absolutely do not agree to have a child just so that you can have lots of weird and kinky pregnancy sex. A watermelon under the jumper should suffice.

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