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Pony Play

horses4So a couple of nights ago I decided to re-watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl, do you remember that show? It was about a London escort played by Billie Piper. Anyway, within 10 minutes she’s riding a guy as she talks about fucking horses;

“I’m a country girl. You’re a farmer… or a stable boy that seduces me”

“Can you see the stables?”

“Yeah, course I can”

“Can you smell the horses?”

“I can smell the horses. They’re making noises in their stalls; they’re very excited. Horses have giant cocks, don’t they?”

“Yes, yes they do!”

“You should take me to the stables.”

“Don’t fuck the horse!”

“No, I’m not even going to get close. It’s too big.”

“What’s he doing?”

“The horse, the stallion, he’s out of control. It’s far too big. It sounds like he’s going to break the stall door.”

“They’re powerful horses!”

“Very… powerful… horse!”

*cum face*


Bestiality is pretty bold for main stream TV… don’t you think?


Of course sex with animals is illegal and hopefully not something that anyone actually wants to do… but fantasizing about horse cocks may not be as uncommon as you’d think. Horse dildos even exist!


So what is it about horses that gets people excited? Primarily it’s the sheer size of the phallus, far bigger than that on any human man’s. What’s more, we think of the horse as a powerful beast, a stallion, a majestic creature.


Since ancient times man has been fascinated by the horse; In Greek mythology the centaur has the upper body of a human man (which is often muscular) and the lower body of a horse which includes the big horse dick.


Today in anime and hentai as well as in furry fandom we can see human-animal hybrid illustrations of a men crossed with horses.


horses2So, can one incorporate a fondness for horses into their sex life without doing anything weird or illegal?


Yes, with pony play!


Pony play is a type of pet play which involves a person appearing to be and behaving as a horse. This person will usually be sexually submissive and will be “trained” or “owned” by a sexually dominant partner.


Pony play can be anything from a little bit of roll play in the bedroom to an extremely extravagant affair with carriages in public.


Pony play is probably the most interesting yet common type of pet play. The submissive (often female and referred to as a pony girl) will be stylised from head to toe to look like the perfect equine slut. On her feet she’ll wear hoof stilettoes which actually look like horses hooves with a heel. She’ll wear a bit in her mouth (like a gag), blinkers and a head dress. Perhaps most importantly she’ll wear a pony tail butt plug and thus have a long tail of hair protruding from her buttocks and hanging between her thighs.


As for the rest of her body, she may be naked and exposed or covered completely in PVC… or attired in any other fashion. A ponygirl may also have reins so that she can be trained and controlled.


Perhaps one more fetish that I should mention within “horse love” is bronies. To be a bronie is to be a straight man with a bizarre obsession with the Children’s TV show My Little Pony. Now, whilst being a bronie isn’t always a sexual thing, it can be. My Little Pony Characters can be incorporated in hentai or furry fandom and some bronies even customise their stuffed animals to include a love hole…


… But I don’t imagine Rainbow Dash is terribly well hung.

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