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Pictophilia fetish

It’s no secret that we as human being love porn. Ever since ancient man realised that he could pick up a charred stick and create images of the wall of his cave he’s be drawing willies, boobies and naughty pictures for the purposes of sexual gratification.

Now, with the invention of the internet, porn is more widely produced and readily available than ever before. Estimates vary but the internet could be up to 30% pornography and it is believed that the vast majority of us watch porn at least occasionally. In 2015 a study conducted by the Guardian revealed that 56% of people watch porn – but I consider that to be a rather conservative figure. In 2014 a survey by the Independent of 3,000 women announced that 90% of them admitted to watching porn.

ancient pornSo with that in mind, you’d probably assume that watching porn is pretty normal and couldn’t possibly be considered a fetish?

Well actually sexual arousal from pornographic images can be a fetish and that fetish is known as pictophilia. describes pictophilia as “A paraphilia of the solicitational/allurative type in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are not only responsive to, but also contingent on viewing pictures, movies, or video cassettes of activities commonly classified as dirty, pornographic, or obscene, alone or in the presence of the sexual partner.”

plane knitted head cosySo the key difference between enjoying porn and having a porn fetish is that a pictophile NEEDS porn in order to get off, where as you just like it.

So, for all of you who like porn or really fucking love it, here are a few ideas for the bedroom to make things a little more exciting…

  1. The mood setter

A fairly obvious first suggestion is to watch porn with your partner. For a lot of couples porn tends to be something that is enjoyed alone when the other person isn’t around. Try bringing the laptop into the bedroom and finding a category that interests the both of you and then watch a dirty movie together. It could really put you in the mood and give you a few new ideas.

  1. The porno-360

I stole this idea from a friend of mine in Bangkok. He said that some nights he and his girlfriend would have sex amidst wall-to-wall pornography. He’d have a movie playing on the TV, a different one playing on his laptop, another on her laptop and another on the iPad, all with the volume turned up so anywhere they looked it was cock, tits and cream pies accompanied by the sound of women moaning with pleasure… pretty cool, right?

porn reimagined paint

  1. The re-enactment

Another fun thing to try is to watch a porno movie (a good one) and then re-enact it! This could be as simple as copying a few positions OR you could really go to town and pull that naughty nurse costume out of the closet and enjoy full roll play porno sex!

  1. The home movie

Another obvious idea would be to make your own movie! Everyone has smartphones these days so just film yourself having sex and then enjoy watching it back later. You could even strap a GoPro to your head, or your partner’s, for some serious POV action. Just be sure that the footage doesn’t get into the wrong hands and only make a movie with someone you know well and trust.

man watching porn in hotel

  1. The naughty surprise

Lastly, as a very kinky surprise for your partner, why not film yourself doing something sexual, with sex toys perhaps, and then gift them the video and enjoy watching it together. If you don’t want to make a whole movie, perhaps try sending them a few dirty 5 second Snapchats when they’re at work? Fingers crossed the boss isn’t looking over their shoulder!

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