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All Wrapped Up

How about a topical Fetish Friday? This week the mummified body of a 1,000 year old Chinese monk was found inside a Buddhist statue. A CT scan revealed that after the monk’s organs were removed the spaces were filled with paper covered in Chinese writing. The Buddhist monk was thought to have lived during the 11th or 12th century, though some believe he is not dead, rather, he’s meditating.

As a young girl I was terrified of Egyptian mummies. I was born in Leicestershire, and at the New Walk Museum in the city centre there is a rather impressive collection of bodies displayed in a dark and eerie room. Whenever my Grandparents would take my brothers and I to the museum I’d say “you go first Grandma”, and cower behind her for safety.


Mummification fetishism is generally regarded as a BDSM practice due to the fact that the subject is bound and their movement is partially or wholly restricted. (Thankfully though, when mummification is performed for sexual purposes you get to keep all of your organs.)

When the subject is mummified they are wrapped from toe to head, or neck, in anything the Dom(me) deems suitable, this could be cloth, bandages, duct tape, rope or clingfilm (saran wrap). The sub could likewise be bound within strips of a material like rubber, latex or PVC. The subject is usually bound with their arms at their sides of placed across their chest to inhibit movement, much like wearing a straightjacket.


So why mummify someone? With their legs bound together, breasts covered and mouths sealed shut there is not a lot of fun to be had. With super tight bandages there is no chance of any male mummy (or daddy?) getting an erection, so seriously, why wrap them up like a joint of pork and leave them to wriggle around on the bed like a fish?

Mummification will usually be performed to satisfy a sexual desire of the sub. Often sexual submissive enjoy having their ability to consent or object removed, thus rendering them a play-thing for the Dom(me) to please, tease or torture.


With mummification, a large part of the appeal is sensory deprivation. Usually the mummy’s mouth is covered and often the head is completely wrapped up, leaving only nasal holes for breathing. Covering the sub’s entire head in bandages or straps means they’re unable to see, speak or move – they may not even be able to hear what’s going on in the room. The mummy will feel completely helpless as they are incapable of getting away or saying ‘no’ to anything the Dominant chooses to do.

Fear is of course a big part of the arousal; the fate of the sub is now entirely in the hands of the Dom(me) and the mummy can’t even see what’s coming. When we’re afraid we experience a rush of adrenaline which can in turn trigger a sexual response, so the more helpless the submissive is and the more afraid they are of what’s going to happen, the more turned on they’ll ultimately be.


In a fully mummified state sensory stimulation is extremely limited, even the sub’s sense of touch is reduced as their entire body is covered by bandages. This means that in order to torture and torment your sub, you’re going to have to hit them hard! When your mummy is bound in duct tape or rubber straps they’re not going to feel the lash of a velvet flogger, so this is when you need to bring out the canes and belts.

Remember though that the key to arousal in BDSM is not what you do or how you do it, rather making them fear what you may do and when you may do it – anticipation is everything.

Have a great weekend xx

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