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Men Who Have Sex With Their Cars

So I came across a news article this week about a man who was caught on CCTV having sex with a Porsche somewhere in Thailand. In the footage you can see the guy creep into a car showroom and hungrily eye-up a few cars. He then checks to make sure that no one is looking, lowers to his knees, pulls down his trousers at the rear of the Porsche and attempts to penetrate it.car1

Something about that wide, metallic booty didn’t quite work for him though, as he quickly rose to his feet, walked to the front of the car, stuck his cock in the grill and vigorously shagged it. The impassioned act was all over and done within a matter of seconds, but whether he actually came in under a minute from sheer excitement, or whether he lost his nerve and decided to leave is unclear, but one thing’s for sure, this man was a mechanophile.

Mechanophilia is a fetish which describes a sexual attraction to cars which may be satisfied by fantasising about sexual contact with cars, looking at and touching cars, or actually having sex with cars. Car fetishism may not be all that common place, but there have been several recorded cases of mechanophiles over the years.

151349-57f59a9a-5402-11e4-ba9e-09d767263d8d An American man by the name of Edward Smith claims to have had sex with over 1,000 cars in his lifetime – playaaaaa! Although Mr Smith has been ‘around the block’ so to speak, he has also been in long term relationships with cars, such as a white Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla. As boyfriends go Edward isn’t all that bad; a self proclaimed romantic, he writes poetry for cars, talks to them and even sings to them. Edward states that he has never been sexually attracted to men or women.

Mechanophilia isn’t limited to a sexual interest in cars however, the fetish includes other vehicles such as trucks, trains, aeroplanes, helicopters, motorbikes and even bicycles. Edward Smith himself has fucked at least half of the vehicles on that list in addition to his many car girlfriends – and just to be clear, the cars are his ‘girlfriends’; he assures us that he is not gay.
car-sex-man-4_672781nWhat confuses me is the mechanics of it all; how do you fuck a car? An exhaust pipe is too wide, unless you’re packing some God-like trouser snake, and where else does a car have an obvious hole? What’s more, a car is made of metal; cold, shiny, hard metal. How do you have sex with that? Yes we sell metal dildos but it works that way around – we don’t sell metal Fleshlights!

I suppose this is why our perverted friend over in Thailand had to get his hand involved – so really mechanophilia isn’t having sex with a car, rather the act involves jacking off into, or onto, a car… but let not get too caught up in semantics.

There is an overlap between mechanophilia and technosexuality (robot fetishism), especially when then mechanophile ‘humanises’ the car in his mind. Related fetishes include Symphorophilia (sexual arousal from witnessing disasters, often car crashes) and Amomaxia, a fetish for having sex in parked cars (e.g., dogging).
car-girls-wallpapers-bmw-m5A fetish for cars also falls under the category of object sexualism, which is a sexual fetish focused on a certain non-human object. Often a person with this fetish will attribute human traits to the object, thus making it worthy of their love and affection. Animism is the belief that objects have feelings and souls and are therefore about to think, feel and communicate like people.

So ladies if your fella is spending an unusual amount of time in the garage, it may be worth checking up on him. Also, don’t forget to examine his junk for engine grease before he hops into the shower 😉

Have a great weekend xx

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