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Put ’em up!

“Put ‘em up! Nobody move. Keep your hands where I can see ‘em!”

This week we’re looking at chremastistophilia. Why do all these fetishes have such ridiculous names? Well this fetish is also known as ‘hold up’ fetishism which is far easier on the tongue.


A hold up fetish describes sexual arousal from being robbed or held up at gun point.  The actual word chremastistophilia has a somewhat wider definition to include sexual arousal from being cheated, conned, blackmailed or from being charged for sexual offenses.


Well we know that to some extent our emotions drive sexual arousal; that’s why some people like to be scared, hurt or humiliated during sex.

If we’re robbed or blackmailed it can be an extremely frightening experience. It can also be embarrassing, frustrating, belittling and just plain annoying. When we’re stripped of our possessions we’re stripped of our power, making us feel small and less worthy.


To some extent financial domination would appeal to a chremastistophile. The financial sub, or ‘pay pig’ may feel as though he has being robbed of his money by a financial Domme online. The Mistress may then tell him how she’s spending his stolen money to excite the pay pig even further.

A situation like this wouldn’t be as appealing as a real robbery however as the man is continually aware that it’s false – he’s making himself available for ‘robbery’.

Although financial domination usually applies to men, there is an aspect of chremastistophilia which is certainly very popular within female sexual fantasy – ravishment.


The idea of being raped is, perhaps quite surprisingly, a very popular sexual fantasy for women. Many women like the idea of being taken by a stranger and fucked against her will. This fantasy is of course impossible as, if she wants it to happen, it can’t actually be rape.

If you’re aroused at the thought of raping someone then you may be a biastophile. Biastophilia describes sexual arousal from forcing someone into sex or sexual acts. The word originates from the Greek word ‘rape’ and the Latin ‘to seize’. Of course with these fetishes there is a very fine line between wanting to bring some dominance into your sex life and actual abuse. If you are into rape fetish (as a giver or receiver) the most important part of the fetish is understanding that it is a fetish and if you don’t have the enthusiastic and willing consent of your partner then you are committing a horrific crime. It’s very fine line.

Back to ‘hold up’ fetishism – if sexual arousal is derived not from being robbed but from robbing someone else then this is known as kleptolagnia. You probably know of the word kleptomania; “the inability to refrain from the urge to steal items”, well kleptolagnia is kind of the sexual equivalent.

Well maybe you don’t want to be robbed and maybe you don’t want to rob anyone else; perhaps what get’s you off is the idea of being with the robber…


Hybristophilia, also known as “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome” describes an interest in being with a partner who has committed a crime such as a robbery, rape or murder. Hybristophilia can also extend to a partner who cheats and lies… so, not quite a Disney prince.

That’s all for this week, remember not to walk down dark alleyways alone at night or someone might steal your bag and then wank about it later.

Have a great weekend xx

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