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Let’s Face It…

face 2I’m a sucker for a pretty face – we all are! Psychological studies have shown that not only do we enjoy attractive people as potential mates or partners, but we also subconsciously attribute positive personality traits and behaviours to attractive people, such as kindness, intelligence, confidence, success and social-skill. We also assume attractive people to be healthier and more fertile than less attractive people.

So how does a pretty face inevitably link to sex and fetish?

Ever heard of a facial? I’m not talking about the kind you get in a spa. A ‘facial’, as far and sex and pornography are concerned, means to ejaculate on a girl’s (or guy’s) face.

So what’s so hot about cumming on someone’s face, over any other part of the body; tits, ass, stomach… or even inside the vagina, like they did in the good old days?

Notably, men are very visual creatures, hence why statistically speaking they watch a lot more pornography than women, and there are certainly more pornographic magazines for men on the top shelf of your local newsagents than there are for women, so a face shot is one and the same thing; why cum inside your partner when you can watch the grand finally exploding all over her face?

Supposedly another reason men find it so hot to finish on a woman’s face is that it’s misogynistic; a show of dominance by way of humiliating his female partner. Sure this may be true in some cases, certainly in a lot of BDSM relationships, but sometimes guys just like to lovingly decorate a pretty face.face 1

It could also be suggested that men feel so compelled to cum on a woman’s face because that is what they’ve been watching guys do it in pornography all of their adult lives! It’s seems that almost every porno ends with a guy blowing his load on the woman’s face (or in her mouth and asking her to stick out her tongue). But why is that? Well, porn wasn’t always that way; sex movies did, once upon a time, end just as sex does, with the man ejaculating inside the woman… but as there is no camera up there, the viewer was not satisfied. Now such an ending seems reserved specifically for ‘cream pie’ movies.

Another great motivator (or great excuse) for ruining your girlfriend’s makeup is that it is a safer option when considering STIs and unplanned pregnancy.

Gaman Kao

A rather strange Japanese sexual fetish, Gaman Kao is a paraphillia which is all about the face! Gaman is a term of Zen Buddhist origin which means “enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity”, but is more simply translated into “perseverance”, “patience” or “tolerance”, thus ‘Gaman Kao’ can be interpreted as ‘patience face’ (‘kao’, obviously meaning face).

That doesn’t sound very sexy? Well ‘patience face’ is actually the term the Japanese use for ‘sex face’, and to satisfy this fetishist, the focus of the porn movie will be much more about the woman’s face than what is happening to her body. In fact, in niche patience face porn movies, the actress will put her head through a hole in the wall whilst the sex goes on behind it, so all the voyeur can see is her facial expression – pretty creepy huh? It’s kind of like a reverse glory hole, I suppose.

face 3


Have a messy weekend xx

One thought on “Let’s Face It…”

  1. Hi,
    I love to cum on a woman’s face because after the sucking,fucking, anal fucking etc to shoot my load onto a pretty face is for me the dirtiest act within my boundaries. If the face is heavily made up, that is a bonus to see makeup, smeared & running. ( horny now, off for a bank) bye x

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