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Inflatophilia is a fetish for inflatable objects such as lilos, beach balls, balloons, sex dolls, and blow-up matts.

The attraction to inflatable objects can manifest in a variety of different ways. For some the attraction may be the shape of the object whereas another person may enjoy the texture and another might like the smell of the plastic.

Within the field of psychology it has been suggested that an attraction to inflatable objects is related to one’s mother and the feel and smell of her skin (or the skin products she wore). Others suggest that the fetish is actually the result of memory association, i.e., playing with beach balls on happy family holidays.

balloon 2


So how does a person have fun with an inflatable?

You can have fun with a blow-up in a number of different ways; inflating, deflating, over-inflating, caressing, squeezing, kissing, licking or actually humping. I suppose a little bump and grind is standard practice with a love doll but if you’re in bed with a guy and he jumps off you and starts pounding away at your inflatable mattress, he’s probably not the one.

A birthday party for an inflatophile couldn’t get much better than a bouncy castle and a blow-up paddling pool full of inflatable toys. Throw in a clown making balloon animals and you’ve got yourself one very happy pervert.

Speaking of balloons, one huge sub category of inflatophilia is balloon fetishism.

Balloons party birthday balloon decoration colorful translucent.

I covered balloon fetishism in a previous Fetish Friday post but here are the basics;

A person with a fetish for balloons is known as a looner. Looners enjoy the shape, smell and texture of balloons and may desire to cuddle, squeeze or hump one.

There is however a huge divide within the looner community and what side of the fence you’re on can be established by answering one simple question; are you a popper or a deflator?

A popper is someone who derives sexual pleasure from popping balloons. A popper enjoys the excitement of puncturing a balloon; the sound, the finality, the destruction. For a popper the bursting of a balloon is the most satisfying part of the balloon play experience.


In contrast, a deflator finds it satisfying to release the air from a balloon and appreciates the gradual decrease in size. I deflator may enjoy the experience of a balloon getting smaller beneath them as they lie on top of it or squeeze it.

What is problematic however is when a deflator is playing with a balloon and it bursts. To a serious deflator the popping of a balloon is like death and if someone else were to pop a deflator’s balloon, he or she may consider it murder. Popping can be so traumatic to a deflator that it may result in tears or screaming.

Another sub-genre of inflatophilia is body inflation.

Some inflaophiles actually want to ‘be the balloon’. Such fetishists may buy custom latex suits that can be filled with air to create the sensation of being inflated. Some people even like the idea of exploding!

Some inflatable body suits cover only the torso where as others cover the entire body and head with nothing more than a tiny hole for breathing. Being completely encapsulated inside an inflation suit can supposedly be comforting and even meditative.

Alternatively a body inflator may prefer to stuff balloons inside their regular clothing to make one or more part of their body appear bigger.

A less common means of body inflation would be something like belly stuffing. Although a stuffed belly is usually achieved by eating a large amount of food, some stuffers prefer to swallow a lot of air in order to create a swollen, inflated belly.


Okay that’s all for this week,

You stay gassy, San Diego.

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