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Happy St Val… ROBOT SEX!

robots1So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day; the window of every Clinton Cards store is obscured with red love heart balloons, every supermarket is trying to sell you champagne and strawberries, and the bae has sent you a link to her “The Perfect Valentine’s” Pinterest board – only 384 pins, brilliant.

You can feel that love is in the air… or that love is all around… or that love lifts us up where we belong… or that love is an open door?

Oh my God – stop! Enough is enough, especially for those of us who are bachelors, or bachelorettes, am I right?

If I see one more teddy bear holding a love heart cushion…

Anyway, it’s Fetish Friday, and what could be less romantic than ROBOT SEX?!

…Unless of course you fall in love with your robot… it happens.

robots5Robot fetishism, or Technosexualism, describes sexual arousal at the thought of a person being intimate with a robot or machine. Robot fetishists refer to themselves as “Technos” and get especially hard at the thought of all things… hard.

Robots are cold, ridged, incapable of any human emotion – but maybe that’s a part of the appeal?

When you’re in a relationship you’re constantly having to think about what the other person wants, how the other person feels… wouldn’t it be nice if things could be a little simpler?

Likewise in the bedroom when you’re having sex with your partner, you can’t focus solely on your orgasm or doing the things which cater only to your sexual tastes – this is a mutual endeavour; you have to think about making sex feel good for them, turning them on, making them cum…

What if you could be completely selfish in the bedroom – wouldn’t that be great? Furthermore, what if you could be an absolute sexual deviant and do any manner of strange, perverted things without fear of rejection or judgement?

robots4Queue the sex robot.

Advances in technology in the field of robotics have been quite astounding, especially in Japan, and wherever there is a step forward in technology, it’s never very long before we’re using said technology to get ourselves off. With the telephone came phone sex, with the internet came more pornography than you could ever dream of, and with the robot came hyper-realistic sex dolls.

At their very best sex robots look and feel like a real person, but rather than being a lifeless, static sex doll, a sex robot can move and even talk to robots2make sexual interaction all the more realistic. As well as being able to move their limbs, some sex robots feature internal animatronics in the throat, vagina and anus to emulate the feeling of clenching, or even give the user an internal massage.

Even with very basic technology you can create a sex robot, or sex machine, something not all that more advanced than a power tool from B&Q – a device designed with simplicity perhaps to jerk you off or fuck you with an attachable dildo.

For some Technos however this fetish is less about having a really cool sex toy and more about modifying the human body with robotics technology to make sex something incredible.

The term Cyborg describes “a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body” and this is precisely what appeals to this type of Techno. Imagine the possibilities robots3of vibrating fingertips, or a penis which goes from flaccid to rock hard and the push of a button. Maybe you’d prefer a retinal implant which enables you to see through clothing, or the ability to record and playback your sex dreams? What about a self-lubricating anus or nipples that lactate strawberry ice cream?

With enough time, money and science I like to think that ice cream producing tits could be possible some day.

Let’s end this blog on strawberry ice cream – see I can be romantic 😉

Have a lovely and lustful St Valentine’s Day xxx

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