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Sexy Supernatural Encounters

Trick or treat! 😉

I’m glad you’ve found some time between dressing up as a slutty nurse, eating Frankenstein-shaped candy and covering your mouth in fake blood to read Fetish Friday.


Now of course this week’s blog is going to be Halloween themed, but generally when we think of sex we think of wine, lingerie and maybe a little hair pulling – not zombies, cauldrons and cobwebs. However, there are elements of the horror world which can be erotic; heck, Dracula was practically pornography!

I’m going to throw this out there, the best sex dream I ever had was also one of the scariest; I was being ravished by the Devil in some kind of dungeon and he was definitely trying to kill me – It was hot. What does that say about my soul?

Moving swiftly on….



Yes ghost can be a sexual fetish, otherwise known as Spectrophilia, this paraphilia is defined as an attraction to ghosts or spirits. A Spectrophile will often fantasise about themselves or others having sexual encounters with supernatural beings, and sometimes are even convinced that they have had sex with a ghost!

Back in 2012 Ke$ha, in an interview about her album “Supernatural”, spoke of her so called experience with a ghost; “I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural; I don’t know his name, he was a ghost! I’m very open to it.”

Ke$ha is not the only celebrity to speak openly about a sexual experience with the paranormal; actress Natasha Blasick claims also to have been ravished by a ghost;


“Suddenly I could feel that somebody was touching me and the hands were pushing me against my will and I could feel the weight of the body on top of me; my body was pushed in different directions. And at first I was very confused with all that, then I just decided to relax and it was really, really pleasurable.”



I, being a sceptic, believe that these women experienced nothing more than very vivid ‘wet dreams’, dreams so vivid that they were unable to distinguish the unconscious fantasy from the conscious reality.

The supernatural and spirituality are concepts which have been present for as long as we look back at the history of humanity. In religion there are so called supernatural beings known as Succubus and the Incubus which are evil spirits, or demons, which have sexual encounters with humans. The Succubus assumes a female form to seduce men, and the Incubus assumes a male for to seduce women, both for the purpose of impregnating a woman with a demon child.

Well, being as its Halloween, I should probably finish with a scary story – queue flashlight under chin;



This tale is supposedly a true story, one of a woman called Doris Bither, which took place as recently as the 1970s. One day Bither asked a pair of paranormal researchers to come to her home after she’d experienced several inexplicable phenomenon, including bumping into things she could not see, being slapped from nowhere and even spectral rape!


At first the researchers didn’t take Bither’s claims seriously, but after seeing bruises on her legs and inner thighs, as well as hearing that her children had been witness to said ghostly happenings, they proceeded to investigate.


Upon visiting her home, the men paid witness as Bither commanded the ghosts to appear, following which light ‘orbs’ began to form, then a green mist filled the room which gradually assumed the shape of a man’s torso – consequently one of the researchers fainted!

After this occasion Bither moved house several times but claimed the ghostly being followed her wherever she went – maybe ghost rape is real after all?


Happy Halloween!

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