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Five Frightening Fetishes!

It’s Halloween tomorrow! A holiday of candy, candles, partying and sexy costumes, what’s not to love? Halloween is absolutely one of my favourite holidays and I can’t wait to go out and party this year – I hope you’re doing something fun too!

This week for Fetish Friday let’s take a look at some the most horrid and frightening fetishes that you can try, or avoid, this Halloween!


Everyone loves zombie movies, right? (Except me – Shaun of the Dead is my hard limit). Well some people REALLY like zombies, because… rotting flesh is sexy? A very quick Google search will reveal page after page of sexy zombies, zombie pin up girls and Disney zombie princesses. I think in some respect we all want to devour our partner; “I could eat you”, “I wonder how you taste”… but actually biting a chunk out of them may be taking things a little too far.



The lazy man’s Halloween costume! Just like pretty much anything, ghosts can be a fetish. A fetish for ghosts is known as spectrophilia and includes spirits and supernatural entities. Rather than imagining Casper in stockings and suspenders (which would be difficult as he doesn’t have legs), spectrophilia often manifests in a semi-lucid state where the ‘dreamer’ experiences sex but there is no one these in the room. A sceptic may call such an experience nothing more than a vivid sex dream, where as someone a little more ‘spiritual’ may describe such a phenomenon as a supernatural encounter with a phantom… Either way, I hope it happens to me at some point! Vivid sex dreams are awesome.



Vampires are the ultimate scary, sexy fantasy; the handsome, undead stranger with a hunger for flesh, creeping into your private chamber and devouring you… (Kind of like zombies then, but sexier!) Vampires can be “good guys” and very attractive (I still think Edward Cullen is hot… don’t judge). Or vampires can be hideous and horrifying. A fetish for biting or being bitten is known as odaxelagnia and can be the primary focus of vampire role play. In extreme cases blood play may also be a part of vampire fetishism with the piercing of flesh and drawing blood being a huge turn on. This would be considered edgeplay.



Clowns can be funny or scary depending on what strange childhood experiences you’ve encountered! A fetish for clowns is known as coulrophilia and although it can be fun, funny and messy it can also have a dark side if so desired. A big part of clown play is dress up and face-paint, so you can create a look that is as smiley or scary as you like. The appeal of face-paint is similar to the appeal of a mask; one’s identity is concealed. Not knowing who’s behind the mask adds to the fear and excitement! If you really want to scare your partner this Halloween, trying dressing up as a scary clown and hiding under the bed. You could always ravage them on the bed afterwards if they’ve not died of fright.



A fetish for aliens, otherwise known as ‘extraterrestrial fetishism’, can involve a desire to be abducted, examined and more. Alien fetishism falls under exophilia which also covers robots and supernatural beings. While some people exophiles may be very up for probing, others like the idea of an alien laying eggs inside them! Not all aliens are ugly and scary though; plenty of guys had a crush on Seven of Nine, back in the day.

That’s all for this week! I hope you have a fantastic Halloween and don’t be afraid to show (or bite) a little flesh 😉

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