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Hands on Hips Fetish

Hello my dirty darlings, this week for Fetish Friday we’re looking at a particular pose, that being, hands on hips!

Hands on hips (HoH) fetishism describes a sexual attraction to a person, usually a woman, with her hands on her hips.


So, how can placing one’s hands in a certain way be considered a fetish?

Well, the attraction of HoH is not so much about the actual look of the pose but rather the symbolism of what the pose means.

The stance of standing with hands on hips is authoritative, powerful and domineering. A person with a HoH fetish will likely be submissive and looking for a Dominant partner to whip them into shape.

To demonstrate her authority, a Dominatrix may stand above a kneeling sub whilst wearing heels and full Domme gear as well as placing her hands on her hips. Creating such a pose will symbolise power and control, perfect for degrading, humiliating and abusing her sub.

So, why is standing with hands on hips any more powerful and intimidating than spanking, caning or wearing a police uniform, for example?


Well, a HoH fetish will usually, on a subconscious level, stem from the relationship one has with their mother. Early experiences of being scolded or chastised can have a lasting affect on a person’s psyche, which can still resonate in adulthood.  If you think of an angry or stern mother you’ll likely envisage her standing with her hands on her hips as she scolds the child and sends them to the naughty step. Such a memory can develop into a need to be disciplined and punished sexually as an adult.

If not a parent then a childhood memory of a strict teacher, mean baby sitter or cruel dinner lady could still be echoing in the recesses of the mind. Such experiences can fuel the sexual urge to be reprimanded and abused by a dominant, sadistic woman.


The appeal of HoH isn’t all sadomasochistic, S&M desires however. An attraction to HoH can be as simple as an appreciation for a powerful, shapely woman standing confidently with her hand on her sides.

A HoH fetish may be present where a person has a distinct appreciation for a feminine, curvaceous figure and hourglass shape. We all, on some subconscious level, assess the attractiveness of a woman in accordance with her waist-to-hip ratio (WHR); we like a small waist and larger hips. The HoH stance emphasises this shape more for even greater aesthetic appeal.

As well as both hands on the hips, standing with one hand on the hip as the hip is cocked to the side can be cheeky, flirtatious and sexually alluring. Such a pose may be accompanied by a flick of the hair or rocking of the hips to tease and tempt one’s partner.


Waists and hips aside though, hands on hips fetishism can in fact be entirely about the hands and almost nothing to do with the torso. A hand fetish, or hand partialism, can manifest in the physical appearance of the hands (fingers, palms, nails) but can also be concerned with the action performed by the hands, such as placing hands on hips. Therefore it makes sense that someone with a fetish for hands may enjoy seeing them used in such an assertive and powerful manner.

So, that’s all for this week. If you’re interested in dominating your partner but don’t have the rope, ball gag and whip then effective sexual intimidation could be as simple as body language. When it’s time to put your partner in their place, stand confidently with your hands on your hips and use your words to let them know who’s boss.

See you next week x

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