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Hair Fetishism

Fetish Friday – Hair Fetishism

So I’m sure most of us can agree that hair pulling is hot, whether you’re the one having your hair pulled, or the one doing the pulling, there’s something about the passion, the domination and the raw animalistic behaviour which makes this caveman act a huge turn on.

2504aBut for some people, hair pulling in and of itself isn’t quite enough, in fact, hair, in any context is the real turn on here. Trichophilia describes a person with a fetish for hair, usually head hair, and the fetishist may be attracted to a certain colour or style of hair, or like touching hair that feels a certain way; soft, greasy, wet. Sometimes a hair fetishist even like to cut or shave hair, or watch hair being cut.

I once saw an episode of Crimewatch in which the police were looking for a man who would sit behind women on the bus and secretly cut off bits of their hair and put them in his pocket – really of puts you off public transport! Just avoid the guy who’s steaming up the window of the local hairdressers.




So2504b what is it about hair that really gives some people the horn? Well some psychologists theorise that the fetish could be a result of exposure to glossy shampoo and hair dye advertisements in childhood, but just like with any fetish, there can never be any clear cut explanation as to why a person is aroused by a certain object or body part.

Although trichophilia is most often concerned with head hair, the term can also be used to describe a sexual interest in pubic hair, chest hair, beards, arm pit hair and other bodily hair. A liking for beards and chest hair can be a fetish for some gay men, particularly men who are attracted to the older ‘bear’ stereotype.



2504cUsually in our culture men have short hair or no hair at all, so when a person prefers a man with long hair, that preference can become an obsession or even a fetish. Men with long hair are often portrayed as being masculine, barbarian and wild, like Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones, Thor of the Marvel films, and Hercules. This fetish may also have its ties to religion as Jesus is often depicted as having long hair.

So what do you do if your partner has a hair fetish? How do you please them in the bedroom besides letting them stroke, smell or pull on your hair during sexual play? Well I searched “hair wank” in the hope that such a thing existed, and apparently it does! Urban Dictionary describes a hair wank as;

to wrap some birds hair round your penis and then with the use of her head and your hand to proceed to spill your load all over her hair causing severe tanglement of her hair.”




I am slightly aghast at that truly awful and rather unclear description of just what exactly a “hair wank” entails, but perhaps even more disturbing was the description I found of something supposedly called an “Angel Hair Wank”;

The art of sneaking up to someone with white hair and cutting a lock of their hair and then wrapping it around ur cock and masturbating with it. Named so because all angels have white hair.”

Finally, if you hadn’t been confused and disturbed enough by this fetish, Trichophilia describe a fetish for chewing or eating hair! Not to be confused with Trichophagia, which is a non-sexual disorder in which people, usually young girls, chew on their own hair, or the hair of others.


So now you know, always wear a hat on buses and if you see someone sucking their hair, they’d probably quite like to suck yours too.

Have a great weekend!





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