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Going for Gold – Fetish and the 2016 Olympic Games

With the whole world going crazy for the Olympics this month it would almost have been rude not to dedicate a Fetish Friday blog post to this historic event and to the gorgeous athletes whom compete in these prestigious games! And writing this post is all the more exciting in light of the fact that Team GB are doing so fantastically!

However, when Google searching “athlete fetish”, you’d be amazed by how many search results I found for “athlete’s foot fetish”…

So, what Olympic sports are the most exciting to watch?

Gymnastics, swimming, diving, wrestling and hockey are all very easy on the eyes… and there is never an empty seat in the Women’s Volley Ball arena!


Maxim issued a list of who they believe to be the hottest female Olympians in the 2016 games which includes; Netherlands’ Ellen Hoog (field hockey), USA’s Natasha Hastings (sprinter), Russia’s Darya Klishina (long jump), USA’s Emma Coburn (track and field), Great Britain’s Amber Hill (shooting) and USA’s Kassidy Cook (diving).

And StyleCaster provided us with a list of who the think are the hottest male Olympians, including Italy’s Alex Ranghieri, 29 (soccer), Great Britain’s Thomas Daley, 22 (diver), Germany’s Timo Horn, 23 (soccer), USA’s David Boudia, 27 (diver), Jamacia’s Omar McLeod, 20 (hurdler) and Italy’s Luca Dotto, 26 (swimmer).

If you’re unfamiliar with any of those names, I suggest you look them up!

So what fetishists could be lurking within the seats of the Olympic arenas? What Olympic events are actually popular fetish activities?


Wrestling is absolutely a popular fetish! Many people find it erotically stimulating to watch anything from professional men’s wrestling to girls in bikinis fighting in a pool of mud or baby oil.

Some men choose to book a wrestling session with a professional Mistress, although standard Dominatrix attire will not be worn as one wouldn’t want their eye gouged out by a stiletto heel. If the purpose of the session is Femdom then the man should always allow the Mistress to win, even if he feels as though he is actually the stronger party.

Weight Lifting

Likewise a muscular body can be hugely erotic to men and women, both gay and straight.


Within the gay community, budging biceps and glistening pectorals can be very popular. Often in gay porn movies the adult actors with be large and excessively muscle with oiled, tanned and shaven bodies to accentuate the shape and movement of the muscles.

However, it is not just muscular men that are adored and desired; “female muscle fetish” can be quite popular too among heterosexual men.

For some, the appeal of a muscular woman is largely aesthetic as toned thighs, pert buttocks and rippling abdominal’s are a huge turn on. For other men however the attraction of a big, muscular woman is related to domination and submission.

Some men enjoy being dominated by large, powerful women. Although most male subs in the BDSM community are satisfied with any Domme, regardless of her stature, others like to take things to the next level and be dominated by an intimidatingly large lady.


A common part of Femdom, where female bodybuilders are concerned, will be wrestling (as mentioned earlier in this post). “Weak”, submissive men enjoy being wrestled and restrained by bigger, stronger women in order to feel powerless and emasculated. A popular move within Femdom wrestling is the woman putting the man’s head between her thighs and ‘crushing’ it.

If that sounds like something that you may be into then I hope you’re able to catch some of the Women’s Weight Lifting events!

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the rest of the games and GO TEAM GB! Xx

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