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Three Bizarre Fetishes from Japan

So this week I thought it would be fun to look at a few bizarre sexual fetishes which originated in Japan. The next time you think your sexual tastes are a little unusual, compare yourself to those in the Far East and you’ll probably feel somewhat normal and perhaps even dull.


Futanari (ふたなり) is the Japanese term for hermaphroditism and literally means “dual form” or “two kinds”. Futanari is most often depicted in hentai, which is a pornographic version of anime or manga (Japanese cartoons). Increasingly however you’ll see digitally animated futas, created for a more realistic appearance.

A futa is the best of both worlds; ‘she’ has breasts, a cock and an ass hole, and usually has testicles and a vagina as well. Sometimes the vagina will be in place of the testicles at the base of the penis, or sometimes the futa will have balls but no vagina, meaning they are essentially male from the waist down.


Artists usually illustrate futas as being “larger than life” in some regards with absolutely enormous cocks and tits so big they look as though they’re about to burst (Bakunyū, 爆乳). Sometimes the cock will be drawn as being bigger than the actual person with testicles big enough to sit on. In other illustrations a futa may have two cocks, perfect for double penetration.

A futa can satisfy your every fantasy; you can fuck her or she can fuck you. These drawings are created almost entirely by men and so the artist can relate to the futa making her more appealing. A man knows how it feels to have his cock touched, sucked or fucked and a futa experiences those exact same sensations. A scene depicting a futa masturbating may involve a fute giving herself a tit wank or a blow job (as her cock are easily big enough), or a futa may be drawn post climax, with her face and tits covered in her own cum.

Futa porn often illustrates “lesbian” sex scenes with another futa, so one will fuck the other in her mouth pussy or ass and, upon climax, they both ejaculate from their cocks. Futas can likewise be in sex scene with men or women and fuck or be fucked.

Often you will see illustrations of futai hentai combined with other fetishes such as furry fandom, in which the subject may, for example, have tits, a cock and balls, a pussy, a fox tail and fox ears. Futa fetishism is often combined with BBW, incest, lolicon/shotacon (prepubescent, pubescent, or post-pubescent), bestiality and tentacle rape.

You can also find futa adaptations of all of your favourite female superheros, video game icons, western cartoon characters and Disney princesses – everyone knows that Ariel asked the Seawitch for legs and a cock. Try typing “futanari” or “futa” into Google images and you’ll be amazed by what comes up – some people are certainly imaginative!

Ha Daisuki

I’ve covered teeth in terms of sexual biting before, but what the Japanese like here is something entirely different.


Ha Daisuki describes a sexual attraction to teeth. The term literally translates to “tooth love” and anything to do with beautiful teeth can be a turn on. This fetishist loves freshly cleaned teeth, minty breath and a sparkling white smile, so really LA would be somewhat of a pervert’s paradise.

To this tooth lover a trip to the dentist is hotter than a trip to the strip club; they get off by watching girls have their teeth cleaned, flossing and having dental exams. Eating and chewing cum and also be highly erotic.

Pillow pals

Sure a lot of people hug their pillow for comfort when they’re feeling lonely, sad or yearning for physical contact, but having sex with your pillow? Not that’s taking things a tad far perhaps.

In Japan guys can buy pillows featuring a print of their favourite comic book idol to snuggle up with at bed time, but when this horny nerd wants a little more than a warm embrace the pillow doubles as sexual partner. These manga pillows are available with squeezable body parts, such as breasts, and even feature a hole for added intimacy.


These pillow hole sleeves are removable and washable so the guy can simply toss his crusty pillow hole in the laundry for mum to deal and it will be nice and clean by bedtime for another night of fun. Now teenage boys all over Japan can lose their virginity… to bags of padding.


Well I hope this blog has opened your eyes to what some people enjoy on the other side of the planet. If you were turned on by any of the above, the internet is your friend.

See you next week.

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