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Food and Sex

My two favourite topics in one blog post!

Really though, who doesn’t love food? Who doesn’t love sex?

When I think of food and sex I think of the ancient Romans. Everything they did was about sensory pleasure in excess. When I envisage ancient Rome I think of fat men in robes grasping a challis of wine, scantily clad women dancing to music and banquet tables laid out with wild boar, poultry and delicious fruit. Dinners turned into parties and parties turned into orgies. There is no denying that the Romans knew how to have a good time.

food 1

There is so much about food which makes it sexual; the textures, colours and flavours, the way the food is enjoyed on the tongue, then consumed leaving you filled-up and satisfied.

Even the most mainstream amongst us have no doubt incorporated food into sexual play at one time or another; squirty cream around the navel, chocolate sauce on the nipples, banana in the puss… wait, what?

food 2

Food and sex come together in so many different ways that there are several different food-centric fetishes out there, some of which I’ve written about previously;


Sploshing – the act of getting “wet and messy” with food and sex; tossing cream cakes, rubbing custard onto one another’s bodies and having fun in a bathtub of baked beans.

Belly stuffing – eating until one’s belly is excessively full then enjoying that feeling of fullness and the aesthetic of a swollen abdomen during sex

Force feeding – forcing a submissive partner to eat, perhaps from a funnel or dog bowl, for purposes of domination and sexual humiliation.

Forced or voluntary weight gain – to satisfy a BBW fetish; forcing or encouraging a person to eat excessive amounts of food in order gain weight. The person providing the food is known as a feeder, the person consuming the food is known as a feedee. Sometimes a feeding funnel and hose will be used so that the feedee can ingest mass amounts of calories in one sitting. In a relationship such as this a number on the scale may become a weight goal to aim for.

Vorarephilia – eating a living being or being eaten alive. Sexual cannibalism.


Food can be enjoyed in its own right however, having little or nothing to do with any of the fetishes listed above. As I said, eating delicious food makes us feel good; we experience pleasure when eating great foods, just as we experience pleasure during sex.

Some men like to watch women, usually BBW models, eat food on webcam. As well as the man enjoying the size and shape of her body, the act of eating can be a very sexual experience also. I’ve seen cam models eating food with the same look of lustre as they’d have when sucking cock; the lingering eye contact, the tiny moans and the slow, seductive motions of the lips and tongue. The girl on cam doesn’t even have to be naked; watching her eat is sexy enough.

food 4

On a slightly different side note, ever heard of fruitarianism?

Fruitarians are a type of raw vegans who only eat fruit. That means no meat, dairy or eggs, no nuts or seeds, no vegetables and no cooked food whatsoever. Even more extreme are ‘freegans’ who survive on fruit which falls naturally from plants as well as consuming society’s waste products.

Aloma Shamanatrix and Matthew Miracle are fruitarian freegans who survive entirely on a diet of fruit which they find in the garbage. Late each night the couple will head out wearing black clothing and carrying torches ready to dig into supermarkets waste bins. The pair will enjoy the fruit they salvage right then and there without washing it. The ‘bin juice’ adds to the flavour.


What does this have to do with sex? Well this couple doesn’t just see fruit as food, they see the process of eating fruit to be spiritual and sexual. The couple will eat one piece of fruit together, kissing in between each bite. They’ll feed one another, they’ll touch each other whilst eating and the fruit will become a part of their love making.

This may all sound very intense, but they’re not the only fruitarians to get freaky with food.  Last week I was at a vegan festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand and I was speaking to a girl who had a few interesting stories from the states. She told me that at one fruitarian festival in America, vegans fed each other durian fruit in a very sexual manner as they danced and enjoyed a spiritual connection, then as the day turned to evening, everyone made their way into the river where they took part in a freaky, fruity orgy.

Woman eating a pickle

That’s all for the week, don’t forget to play with your food 😉

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