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Five Freaky Fetishes

Sometimes I come across strange and obscure fetishes in the world of kink and BDSM that don’t quite warrant a whole blog post of their own but are certainly weird and interesting enough to share with our kinky readers!

So for this week’s blog, here are five freaky fetishes for your Fetish Friday;

Japanese egg swapping

Okay, this fetish is pretty damn weird. “Egg swapping” is a fetish, from Japan, which involves a couple passing the yoke of an egg back and forth to one another, mouth to mouth, without breaking the yoke. You can see exactly what I’m talking about here:

The act of egg swapping is pretty erotic and somewhat like sensual kissing, but… why the egg yoke? I mean sure, a raw egg is slippery and slimy but wouldn’t something like a piece of gradually melting chocolate be nicer?

Nose blowing

I have a friend who works as a cam girl. I asked her if there were any strange fetishes she’s encountered during the curse of her work that might be interesting for me to write about. She replied instantly with “Nose blowing! I sell clips like hot cakes!” Honestly, that wasn’t the response I was expecting but, awesome.

If you’re into “nose play” then you may be a nasophile. The act of sucking on a person’s nose is called nasolingues – sexy. I once met a Thai prostitute who told me “I am virgin… in my nostril.”

Fluids and moisture


Someone into nose or snot play may very well be a hygrophile also. Hygrophilia is a fetish with a fairly broad definition, basically covering a sexual attraction to fluids and moisture. Fluids could include male ejaculate, vaginal wetness, pee, sweat, saliva, snot, tears and even vomit and faeces!

A hygrophile may very well be in to water sports (golden showers), vomit play or scat and enjoy peeing, vomiting or defecating on someone else, or vice versa. Moisture play doesn’t always have to be SO dirty however, just enjoying a slippery wet pussy or a good old pearl necklace may be kinky enough.

Human ashtray


In the world of fetish and BDSM there are plenty of masochists who experience sexual arousal when pain is inflicted. Usually in BDSM the masochist will be the submissive partner of a sadistic Dom/Domme. Just as the sub finds it erotic to receive pain, the Dom(me) may find it satisfying to inflict that pain.

There are many ways in which you can hurt, beat and punish your sub; spanking, caning, flogging, branding, gagging, cutting, trampling and more. Using your submissive as a human ash tray is just one of many ways to make them cry out in agony. Extinguishing a cigarette on a person’s skin would most certainly be considered edge play, as such an act would be extremely painful and may very well leave a permanent scar.


Woolies are a unique group of fetishists who derive sexual pleasure from being completely covered in wool. While many in the BDSM and fetish community prefer leather, PVC, latex or rubber, these kinky submissives prefer something a little more warm, fuzzy and comforting.


Woolies like to have every inch of their bodies covered in wool, kind of like a cuddly gimp suit or a winter onesie, with nothing but eye holes to peer out of – not a bad fetish for those cold British winters!

So that’s all for this week! If you know of any weird, funny or interesting fetishes that you’d like for me to research and write about then please leave a comment below.

See you next week!

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