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Five Fetish Ideas for Autumn – Halloween Special!

With today being Halloween and the clocks going back over the weekend, we’re certainly feeling autumnal! The days are getting colder and the nights are drawing in but not to worry – there are plenty of reasons to be excited! From Halloween and Bonfire night to crunchy woodland walks and the countdown to Christmas, autumn is certainly my favourite time of year!

So, in honor of this spooky season, here are five fetishes for you to enjoy…

  1. Wool Fetish

Frequently mentioned in lists such as “Top 10 Weirdest Sexual Fetishes”, wool fetishism is exactly what it says on the tin. “Woolies” are persons who become aroused wearing wool. Although a sweater may be a bit of a turn on, woolies often prefer to wear full body wool suits or a jumper with matching wool trousers to feel fantastic from head to toe. A Woolie will become turned on when wearing their wool suit out in public and may arrange to meet with another wool fetishist for woolie fun.


  1. Candles

Candles can create a very sexy ambience in your home and bedroom (and dungeon!), and what better time of year to light a few of these flickering beauties than in the darker, colder months? As well as creating a sexier mood in the boudoir (and lighting up your pumpkin), candles can also be a lot of fun as a part of BDSM temperature play. Dripping hot wax onto your partner’s skin can be slightly painful and very stimulating, causing blood to rush to the surface of their skin and making it more sensitive to the touch. Be sure to use a skin-safe candle, however, as some may be too hot for enjoyable play.


  1. Feel the Fear!

Today is October 31st which means – IT’S HALLOWEEN! When we experience fear we receive a rush of adrenaline which some people find exciting and even sexy. Halloween can most certainly be a fun time of year for you to indulge your perversion – with women dressing up as sexy maids, nurses, bunnies, nuns, school girls, and chaps dressing up as firefighters, vampires and werewolves. As well as the sexy costumes, you can always take things one step further and enjoy some frightening roleplay in the bedroom, but you might want to mix up the vocabulary a little and swap “I’m going to eat your brains” to eating something else…


  1. Dendrophilia

Another quirky fetish that often makes it into “Top 10 Weirdest” lists is dendrophilia. ‘Dendrophilia’ can just mean a love of trees but more often than not this word is used to describe a sexual interest in trees. A dendrophile may revere trees as phallic symbols or even rub themselves against a tree in an attempt to have sex with it. I personally find woodlands and forests to be at their most beautiful during the autumn when the trees are shedding their leaves – basically a strip club for dendrophiles!


  1. Webcams

And if it’s too cold to go out and find someone hot, stay at home by the roaring fireplace (does anyone even have a fireplace in 2016?), flip open your laptop and find a hottie online. As well as there being plenty of sites where gorgeous girls and guys put on a show for your viewing pleasure, you could also have a naughty Skype session with your partner or anyone else up for a bit of evening cyber fun.


Have a fantastic Halloween and I hope you get more than just a basket full of candy!

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