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Fetish Friday – Cracking the Whip!

photoSo really, what’s the appeal?

Spanking, flogging, caning and whipping are all a part of BDSM. The submissive is on the receiving end of the pain and the dominant partner is the one inflicting it. Scary as it may sound to someone unfamiliar with such a practice, for many people, bending over and taking a beating can be a highly arousing experience.

People actually enjoy receiving pain? – Yes!

Just like with all sex, BDSM is more about the psychological experience than it is the physical act. Accidently trapping your fingers in a drawer is most certainly not going to make you orgasm, but a bit of pain in the bedroom can be a huge turn-on.

The arousal is largely down to the exchange of power, as the submissive partner is surrendering all control to the dominant. Complete submission can be very liberating, as the sub isn’t responsible for what’s going on so doesn’t need to worry about embarrassment or stepping out of their comfort zone.

Anyone who likes to be flogged, whipped or caned will tell you that the enjoyment comes more from receiving an intense sensation rather than just receiving pain. The experience can be tremendously powerful and provide a huge adrenaline rush and release of endorphins. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain, and when you’re experiencing them both simultaneously the feeling can be truly amazing.

Sounds fun right? Now let’s take a look at the equipment

Spanking paddles- probably the least brutal way to get into erotic punishment. A paddle has a wide surface, unlike a cane or whip, which means the impact of the blow is spread out over a wider area and therefore won’t be quite as painful. Starting with a light spanking can really help to stimulate blood flow in the area and prepare the skin for what’s coming next. If you think a spanking paddle is still a little too extreme for you and your partner, it may be better to start with your palm and see how you both feel about it.

Floggers – for the next level of intensity, a flogger is a whip with a number of thinner tails. This device is capable of delivering anything from a light and pleasurable sensation, right up to fairly intense pain dependant on how brutally it is used. A flogger can be used to gently tickle the skin, or really make it tingle when used with some force.

Whips and Riding Crops – let’s ramp things up a notch! Taking a beating with a riding crop can be a highly pleasurable experience and leave delightful marks on the skin. A riding crop generally consists of a thin shaft and piece of leather and can be highly erotic when used correctly.

Canes – the ultimate device for intense BDSM, canes are where a lot of submissives draw the line. Thin and firm a cane makes an amazing sound as it slices through the air, then delivers and intense stinging sensation on the skin, capable of leaving deep red marks. For a couple who really like to play hard in the bedroom, nothing is more of a turn on than the cane. It’s sleek and powerful and ideal for demonstrating authority.

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  1. Oh very nice blog post. Yes I agree nice whip is good, make good session bending pet over the and giving her few canes.

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