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Fetish Friday – Take a Seat!

You know that feeling after a long day on your feet, when all you want is to sit in a nice comfy chair and put your feet up? Well to some the thought of being that chair is much more appealing.

Forniphilia describes the fetish of when a person, usually a woman, “serves as furniture” or becomes “human furniture” as a part of extreme bondage in BDSM play. As a part of forniphilia, the subject is expected to be completely immobile and not make a sound, so is usually gagged.

This fetish can most certainly be defined as sexual objectification, as the person is quite literally reduced to a sexual object. The person assuming the lowly role is of course the submissive partner, and the one binding them and using them is the Dom, or Domme.

A subject can be nude or in any form of clothing, but it is fairly commonplace for the submissive to be wearing rubber or latex clothing, often with a facial hood to further dehumanize the person. The rope bindings are usually very tight ensuring that the submissive can move no part of their body.

Surely there is a limit to what furniture a person can be used as?

Common items of “human furniture” include chairs, tables, cabinet and lamps or light installations. The preparation can be as simple as a person getting on all-fours to be used as a foot stool, to being very intricately bound, positioned and displayed as a very creative design feature.

Aesthetics play a large part in this fetish, the body has long been portrayed in art and sculpture, and some would argue that forniphilia is a part of this; using the body in design. A sculptor by the name of Allen Jones created a series of erotic sculptures; Chair, Table and Hat Stand (1969) in which women were used human furniture.


This fetish even made a cameo in Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2009 film Brüno, which featured ‘Mexican Chair People’ for an elaborate prank.


 So what are the basic rules of serving as human furniture?

  • Length of time – you should never leave someone gagged and restrained for more than a couple of hours as pressure is put on the joints and the subject can become disorientated.
  • If you’re using a person as a chair you should be sensible about the amount of weight you apply. If she’s a 110 pound woman and you’re a 200 pound man you shouldn’t rest your entire weight upon her as she may be crushed.
  • When gagging a partner, especially when using a full facial hood, you should always be very sure that the person can breathe and is in no danger of choking or the submissive being suffocated.
  • Just like with any BDSM play, always make sure that the submissive has some way of signifying when the experience is getting to intense and they want to stop, as when she or he is gagged they cannot utter a safe word.

I like to think that somewhere, someone is reading this whilst sat upon the back of a lowly gimp, but even if forniphilia is not your thing, I wish you a happy Fetish Friday and a very naughty weekend!

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