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Fetish Friday – Do you swing?

Do you swing? No, not with other couples, I mean swing.

Where have we heard this before?

Ahh, Sex and the City;

Tom: “Do you swing?”
Samantha: “Swing? You mean with other couples?”
Tom: “No. SWING.”
Samantha: “Oh my, so Cirque du Soleil.”
Tom: “You haven’t fucked till you’ve fucked in the swing.”


Using a sex swing will add an array of erotic possibilities to your bedroom… or lounge? Garage? Office? With a sex swing you’re able to move your partner into any manner or sexual positions without having to worry about weight or balance. You can try positions which you’ve never fucked in before to hit the right spot or thrust at a better angle. Maybe even get into some of those awkward Kama Sutra positions that you’ve always wanted to try.

A sex swing can also be used as a sort of ‘movable bondage’, so rather than your partner, or ‘sub’, being tired to a bed post or strapped into a chair, they can be suspended and manoeuvred into whatever position you desire to pleasure, punish, tickle, tease and ‘torture’. In some respects, a sex swing could described as suspension bondage.

Suspension bondage?

Yes, this type of bondage involves a person being suspended off the ground using rope, chains or cables. The purpose of this type of bondage is to create a sense of vulnerability which they’re unable to escape. Erotic suspension can also be visually stimulating for the person observing and establishes a sense of submissiveness within the suspendee.

If you want to create a sense of helplessness and sexual sexual fear within you submissive partner then try binding their hands whilst they’re in the swing and perhaps even using a ball gag.

Choosing a sex swing

Door Sex Swing

A door sex swing could be a great way to start, provided you have a strong door and secure hinges of course. With the door sex swing you can hoist your partner up and suspend them from the door at a height which is perfect for thrusting. With hands restrained and legs apart  this swing could make for the perfect erotic fantasy.

Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing

With a spinning sex swing you can enjoy 360 degrees of pleasure. This amazing swing is suspended from a metal frame which supports all the weight, so you’re free to fuck without limits. The high tension spring gives vast movement flexibility and allows for a soft and comfortable ride and your body is supported by plush velvet straps.

So when you’re ready to upgrade your sex life from leather and lace to a large-scale fantasy, it may be time to order a sex swing 😉

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