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Fetish Friday – Spread your legs!

A spreader bar is a piece of bondage equipment designed to keep the legs, or arms, apart. Often the bar will feature two cuffs for the ankles, knees or wrists, or sometimes just attachments for cuffs or rope. This simple but powerful piece of bondage gear is most commonly used to keep her (or his) legs open, giving you unlimited access to their body.

In a sense, using a spreader bad is much like using ankle restraints which secure your partner’s (or submissive’s) ankles to the bedpost, but without the limitation of a static bed frame. With a spreader bar you can be a little more creative when it comes to sexual positions; you can use a spreader bar when your partner is standing with legs forced open and fuck them against a wall or bent over a table, or you can secure them into a doggy style position which will give your full access to their pussy and/or anus.

Even without the act of sex, the visual and psychological element of using a spreader bar is highly sexual and can be a fetish is its self. Some men love to sit and look at a woman who is restrained and unable to move with her legs forced apart for unlimited access. A man may also just like to look at a spread and open pussy or insert objects into her such as his fingers or a sex toy.

When restrained, the submissive partner will also experience sexual arousal from being tied up and giving up all control to their partner or ‘Dom’/’Domme’.

Spreader bars are by no means just for those into BDSM though, they can still be a fun bedroom accessory for more ‘softcore’ couples. If you’ve ever enjoyed experimenting with a blindfold or wrist restraints then maybe a spreader-bar is the perfect next step for you.

So if you’d like to give your partner full control over your pleasure, maybe you should give the spreader bar a try 😉

Heavy Duty Adjustable Spreader Bar

Strong Adjustable Spread Bar

Wrist to Ankle Spreader Bar Restraint

Wrist Spreader Bar Restraint




2 thoughts on “Fetish Friday – Spread your legs!”

  1. Yes pls. I love the look of it. And would love to try it with someone. Too bad my woman ain’t into all that. No imagination there. But will definitely try it with someone else. It turns me on madly when imaging woman being tight to that bar..

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