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Fetish Friday – Sensory Deprivation


As a part of “sensation play”, Sensory Deprivation involves limiting or removing all stimuli from one or more of a person’s senses. This can be done in a very soft manner as a fun addition to otherwise ‘vanilla sex’, or can be conducted as a very extreme part of BDSM and really push the upper limits of what is considered to be Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC).

Sensory deprivation can involve limiting any of the five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste or smell, though limitation of the latter two is pretty uncommon for obvious reasons. This can be done by a variety of means; blind fold, headphones, full facial hood, earmuffs, hand mitts, bed restraints (to limit touch), thus leaving the ‘submissive’ vulnerable and helpless.

What then?

Well, now you’re free to do as you please – inflict pleasure or pain, or a delicious mixture of both.

Experienced ‘dominants’ enjoy using a variety of different materials to hurt, pleasure, surprise and confuse the submissive partner, such as ice cubes, vibrators, feathers, pin wheels, electric sex toys, hot wax, fingernails, nipple clamps and much more. Incorporating such stimuli will create a highly sensual experience like nothing they’ve known before.

What about the sex?

Some doms enjoy slowly building up to genital contact, with stimulation gradually getting closer to the erogenous zones. Others couples prefer to make sensory deprivation a part of rather aggressive sex, or “rape fantasy”, so penetration would be a large part of the experience – but always consensual of course!

So why do people enjoy this?

The submissive partner gets to enjoy an adrenaline rush and the thrill of being afraid without any risk of serious harm. Having one sense limited means all other senses are heightened, so although you may not be able to see or hear what is being done to you, you’ll be even more sensitive to how something feels against your skin. The submissive also gets to experience the unknown and be completely at the mercy of the dominant, which for some is more invigorating than regular sex.

Furthermore, as with any Dom/sub relationship, the submissive doesn’t experience any feelings of guilt as they have no choice about what is being done to them. And the Dominant? They get the thrill of being in control, and satisfaction in the knowledge that the submissive is enjoying the experience.

That does sound quite exciting!

Well, if you feel that Sensory Deprivation is something you’d like to try, discuss what you’d like to do/ have done to you openly with your partner. Trust and communication are a big part of any BDSM play. It is also a good idea to have a safe word in case the experience gets too intense for the submissive. Try starting off lightly, maybe with a silk blindfold, then gradually build up to more extreme scenarios as and when you both feel ready.

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